Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 103 (Part 2)

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SEG Chapter 6.01 —Return of the Di Daughter

[Warning: This chap’s pretty steamy! I’m not sure if it’s R-13 or R-15 or smth, but it definitely isn’t R-18!!]

The actual situation was – Su Wan forgot to tell Su Rui that she had been “promoted”, and the positioner that Su Rui bought could only track her whereabouts using her mission cabin.

So, now you know.

Right now, in the mission world –

Su Wan still hadn’t opened her eyes when she felt that her body was feeling hot and dry. This kind of feeling is…..

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes. The scene that entered her eyes was the sight of a row of carved agarwood chairs.

At this time, she was sitting on the ground, the Palace dress on her was in a terrible mess. Su Wan resisted the discomfort in her body and stood up with the support of a chair.

At this time, a “heng heng (groaning sound wth lol, maybe it’s more of laboured breathing)” sound suddenly sounded behind her. Su Wan turned her head and saw a meat blob of a man dressed in a blue brocade gown. He was also currently lying down on the floor. His whole face red and his whole person was groaning while tearing at his clothing!

Your mother! I dont understand this is it a curse?

Su Wan’s gaze frosted over, some memories fuzzily flashed through her mind. She didn’t dare to stay in this hornet’s nest and staggered to run out.

Strenuously pushing open the vermillion wood door, what entered Su Wan’s eyes was a silent corridor. It was already early autumn. Colliding head-on with the cold did not make Su Wan any more clear-headed. The abnormally fierce efficacy of the drug made her body even more agitated and restless.

In the distance, Su Wan could already see a group of indistinct shadows that seemed to be coming towards her direction.

With no time to sort out the disorderly plot in her mind, Su Wan promptly decided to turn and run in the opposite direction. She didn’t know how long she ran. When the consciousness in her mind gradually became blurred, a calm water surface finally appeared in Su Wan’s view!

AdvertisementEzoicThere is water, it’s an artificial lake!

Su Wan’s gaze brightened. She hurried to the lakeside and almost unthinkingly jumped down –

“You don’t want your life(?)!”

A familiar, anxious male voice abruptly sounded behind her.

Su Wan’s arm was firmly dragged. When she came to her senses, her whole person was already detained in a cold embrace.

The chilly air hitting her face let her instinctively feel more comfortable.

Su Wan rubbed against his bosom, both her hands unconsciously embraced the man’s waist. Her somewhat anxious heart finally calmed down and that agitated and restless body became more and more wanton.

“Su Rui, I feel unwell.”

I feel so unwell.


Su Wan murmured and then rubbed against Su Rui’s embrace.

“Be good, I will take you away in just a little while!”

While speaking, Su Rui used the cloak draped on his body bundle up Su Wan. Then his body moved, his body already disappearing from the lakeside……

The early autumn’s night was clearly bone-piercingly cold. Su Wan was tightly hugged in Su Rui’s embrace and was leaning against his cold chest, but she still felt unbearably hot and dry. She involuntarily struggled, her face unconsciously rubbing against Su Rui’s body: “So hot.”

“Don’t flail around.”

Su Rui’s tone also sank. He carried Su Wan over the tall walls of Marquis Qingquan’s residence and finally descended in a small alley outside the Marquis residence.

In the dim alley parked a luxurious carriage. Next to the carriage was a guard wearing black attire.

Seeing Su Rui’s figure rush over, the guard’s face showed a slight surprise: “Master, you ……”

“Guard the alley entrance, don’t let anyone get close to this place!”

After leaving this sentence behind, Su Rui had already become a purple afterimage, jumping into the carriage while carrying Su Wan – –

It was very spacious in the carriage and the inside was covered with a soft gold velvet blanket. Su
Rui very carefully put Su Wan on the soft blanket and didn’t have enough time to get up when both of Su Wan’s hands tightly hooked around his neck: “Don’t, don’t leave.”

The fair, slim arms were soft and warm, making Su Rui sway for a moment.

Right now, Su Wan’s face was thoroughly red, the loose, long hair on her forehead pasted onto her fair face because of her sweat.

Under the dim candlelight, Su Wan slightly raised her chin, her gaze like water, her misty face looking at the man before her –

In Su Rui’s impression, Su Wan was always very indifferent, sometimes even to the point of being cold and detached.

He has never seen her aroused like this with a stirring appearance, even though he knew that this person in front of him right now was not the real Su Wan.

But in this body, resided her soul.

Looking at him like this right now, the person calling him to not go, is his Xiao Wan.

He only needed to think until here when Su Rui felt his lower abdomen heat up, as if there was a ball of fire burning in his body.

His breathing involuntarily became chaotic, but ….. once he thought that Su Wan was currently in a state of confusion, the remnants of his reason immediately forced Su Rui to sober up: “Xiao Wan, endure for a bit, I will help you…….”

Su Rui originally wanted to say that he could help Su Wan open up her acupuncture points to disperse the drug in her body, but he hadn’t finished speaking when Su Wan dazedly stumbled closer and forcefully kissed Su Rui’s lips.

Su Wan’s consciousness was continuously blurry and felt that she was burning to the verge of death, as if she was in a scorching-hot sea of flames. She heard Su Rui say to her: “I will help you.”

Just like the dreamland in the previous world – 1

In the boundless sea of flames, Su Rui extended his hand to her.

Su Wan wanted to say that she didn’t need anyone to help her, but, if that person was Su Rui …..

She didn’t mind.

When this thought practically welled up from her heart, Su Wan’s body already reacted. She kissed Su Rui. Su Rui’s lips were cold, ice-cold with a hint of sweetness, making Su Wan feel very comfortable.

“Su Rui, Su Rui.”

Although her consciousness was vague, Su Wan still involuntarily called Su Rui’s name: “Su Rui, kiss me.”

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Su Rui’s breath became hurried, but his gaze deepened as he looked at the face within arm’s reach –
No matter what she looked like, she is his Xiao Wan. In the sea of people, he could recognize her at first sight.

What are you doing?

Su Wan was somewhat didn’t understand what she was doing, but…….

She twisted her body in discomfort and continued wrapping around Su Rui’s body: “Su Rui, want

If it’s you, I’m willing.

Truly willing. Not ‘putting up with it’ and also not ‘to make the best of a mistake’.

It’s because, the person before me is you, Su Rui.

Some people have said that the deepest feeling is companionship. Su Rui accompanied Su Wan through world after world. No matter what she looked like, even if it was a zombie with a ghastly appearance, he has never abandoned her –

Feelings unknowingly welled up and deepened.

Su Wan felt that the greatest fortune in this whole lifetime of hers was meeting Su Rui in that world –2

If it’s this one person, I will have no regrets all my life.

“Xiao Wan…..”

Su Wan’s words finally defeated Su Rui’s rationality. Because his love was so deep, only then would he be so gentle and cautious. Also because his love was so deep, he could sit untroubled in front of anyone. Only towards her alone, did he have a deep, desire, for, love…..

Su Rui hooked his hand behind Su Wan’s head, letting her entire body comfortably settle in his embrace, the hot and deeply affectionate kiss was already washing over them, blotting out the sky and covering the earth. Right at this moment, not only the body of the two people, but also the souls of the two seemed to burn up together right after…..


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