Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 102 part 2

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SEG Chapter 5.18 —Supporting Female Reversal System (Epilogue)

Obviously, Yang Wu’s infatuation successfully struck Su Wan’s heart!

At this time, Su Rui held some anticipation, anticipation towards Yang Zixi’s choice, anticipation towards Yang Wu’s ending.

It turns out, having such a feeling of anticipation felt pretty good.

He began to understand Su Wan’s frame of mind —

What she had been seeking for while constantly transmigration, why she kept acting as a Destroyer. What she wanted to do this whole time was perhaps not ‘destroying’?

What she wanted to witness was actually just the human heart……

This is the first time Su Rui had such a new understanding towards this “agent” identity of his. 1

Previously, he coldly “carried out the task” simply to complete the mission. But now, Su Rui had not only started to truly assimilate into every world, he had also learnt to use his heart and body to experience every world and even every person….

Cangya Base had unexpectedly won many victories in succession despite the offense of the Alliance’s army. There were countless numbers of mutant zombies and infected people who had come from all over to fight for Cangya Base. Among them included those yearning for a new life and longing for the strength that would come with. At the same time, their forces also contained ordinary people who yearned to keep on living the lives that they held dearly.


A span of three days was not very long.

The people of Cangya Base were already celebrating their victory in advance.

Yang Zixi had constantly been sticking to Chi Yi to create good feelings.  Chi Yi was on the verge of collapsing –

Sister, isn’t it enough that you’re my dear sister?

Were you actually sent by the Heavens to toy with me?

All day long you go ‘blah blah blah blah’ nonstop in my ear. You ask me, a fake · aloof, genuine · chatterbox. How can I endure!

In no time at all, rich emotions appeared on Chi Yi’s iceberg-like face (In truth, he was actually crumbling apart). On the night of the 3rd day, finally Yang Zixi couldn’t help but to stop Chi Yi before he left: “Dr. Chi, I have something….. that I want to tell you.”

Chi Yi: ……

Miss, you still haven’t spoken enough?

Despite his heart collapsing inside, on the surface, Chi Yi looked at Yang Zixi with a paralysed face and coldly spat out a word: “Speak!”


Receiving the man’s emotionless gaze, Yang Zixi’s lips moved.

“I…. li….”

“I like you!”

These 3 words were actually very easy to say, but after finishing them, Yang Zixi’s heart felt empty.

She liked Chu Feiyang so much in her past life, but she died in the hands of Chu Feiyang.

Now, she said “I like you” to the man before her but her heart and mind was thinking of the life and death of another.


When he heard Yang Zixi’s words, Chi Yi habitually gave a one-word answer, after which he stayed in place –

Just now, Yang Zixi confessed to him?

Wait a moment, let this person calm down a bit….

“Your response?”

Yang Zixi heard Chi Yi’s response and asked disbelievingly.

Right now, Chi Yi was still sluggish – From youth, he was a top student, a scientific madman who had never spoken of love. Being confessed to by a beauty and whatnot – although he knew it wasn’t real – HOWEVER, he still felt very bashful and very nervous ah, okay!

Should I calmly accept it?

Or should I adamantly reject?

How about ‘Silence is golden’? 2

“If you don’t say anything, I will take it as you accepting!”

While Chi Yi was entangled in his thoughts, Yang Zixi already gave  the final word and then left the laboratory at lightning speed. She went towards her room while using her spirit power to contact the system in her sea of consciousness.

The task to capture Dr. L in the system was still incomplete which made Yang Zixi feel some urgency. How can it be like this? Don’t tell me that he still didn’t intend to accept her in his heart? Or….. another problem had cropped up? For example, let’s say she recognised the wrong person or something. 3

Yang Zixi didn’t dare to go down that line of thought because the time limit that the system set to eliminate Yang Wu only had an hour remaining!

Yang Zixi whose thoughts were in a whirl unconsciously walked to Yang Wu’s door. In the past few days, she had been preoccupied with capturing “Dr. L” and hadn’t seen Yang Wu for a few days in a row. Right now, Yang Wu was riddled with scars in his room. When she saw that he was silently bandaging himself alone, Yang Zixi immediately rushed in, in anger: “Yang Wu, how did this happen!”

“Young Miss!”

When Yang Wu saw Yang Zixi, his whole person froze but soon showed his habitual calm and steady expression: “Eldest Young Miss, is something the matter?”

Actually, he knew, that the time…… had arrived.

3 days ago…, Su Wan’s cold speech still lingered in Yang Wu’s ears: “I will give you all one last chance! You have 3 days left.”

3 days of time, was truly short ah!

Yang Wu originally thought of looking at Yang Zixi more during the last remaining time he had, but these few days, he didn’t even catch sight of the tip of her coat.

Yang Wu, who had already somewhat given up hope, was forced to risk his life and fight on the battlefront. Perhaps, this was the only value of his life.

The atmosphere in the room was very stifling. Yang Zixi and Yang Wu looked at each other. Two people. One was waiting for the death ruling and the other was actually very worried……

The system who had been silent for 3 days reacted at this time –

Host capturing Dr. L has not succeeded!

Perhaps because this system was originally not of this world, so besides being able to capture Dr. L’s, it also had no way of identifying the identity of Dr. L – unless Yang Zixi successfully captured Dr. L, the strongest person in this world. It would obtain a lot of spirit power this way as this mission completed would wreck the original trajectory of this world. This was the standard for each system to determine the success of the task.

Therefore, systems and whatnot were also not at all omnipotent.


This one word made Yang Zixi’s heart feel as if it had been plunged into a cave of ice.

System Prompt: ‘Eliminate Insider Yang Wu’ task has entered countdown. If host cannot complete mission on time, host’s soul will be eliminated. Ten, nine, eight……

The cold mechanical machine began to mercilessly count backwards and the sound of the countdown echoed in Yang Zixi’s mind.

Yang Zixi stood in place, both her hands shaking.

“3, 2, 1!”

In the final 3 seconds, a lot of fragments of her previous life suddenly flashed through her mind. She saw the time when she was facing death’s door. She saw that – at that time – she, who was merely an ordinary person, was ruthlessly thrown into a zombie group.

She saw the back of Chu Feiyang who brought Su Wan to heartlessly leave.

After that, she saw her body being cruelly, viciously torn by zombies. The her right now felt bitter hatred and couldn’t feel any pain. At this time, she saw a familiar figure madly rushing over.

That is….. Yang Wu.

Tears unconsciously streamed down Yang Zixi’s cheeks: “I’m sorry.”

“Yang Wu, I’m sorry.”

I know…. You love me.

When the countdown of the last second ended, Yang Zixi shed tears while smiling at Yang Wu: “Ah Wu, I….. I love you too.”

So, I will not hurt you. Even if it means I’ll die, I won’t.

In the final second, Yang Zixi felt that her rebirth was completely meaningless.

She didn’t cherish the person she should’ve cherished the most, didn’t grasp the feelings that she should’ve grasped the most –

What revenge, what right.

Everything was no more than an obsession.

For those illusory things, she gave up the feelings at her fingertips.


If there was no Supporting Female Reversal System, if she was simply reborn, she would live a quiet life with Yang Wu in the end of the world…..

Is that not a kind of happiness?

What about the Female Lead? How about the Supporting Female?

Everyone has the right and freedom to control their life, instead of being controlled by an ice-cold machine to do things against her– What system, it was just a machine, how could it understand human feelings? 4

Just when Yang Zixi had given  up all hope and waited to be erased by the system, a cold female voice suddenly sounded by her ear –

“Concentrate your spirit power, attack the system in your sea of consciousness!”

“Yang Zixi, as long as you have the conviction to keep on living, determination to be with Yang Wu, you can defeat it!”

Defeat it!

From then on, dominate your own life!

Be the protagonist of your own life!

Yng Zixi had no time to tell who the owner of the voice was and started to concentrate her spirit power. As a level 6 ability user, her spirit power was very strong. Right at this time, Yang Wu suddenly grasped Yang Zixi’s hand tight. Through his warm palm, a steady flow of spirit power entered Yang Zixi’s body……

Su Wan and Su Rui silently stood at the entrance of the room and looked on as a mass of ash-grey spirit body was squeezed out of Yang Zixi’s body.

Su Rui sneered and enveloped that ash-grey spirit body mass in an instant using earth-shattering spirit power…..

You are……. L……

The system didn’t have time to finish its last words before being annihilated by Su Rui.

The system who had lost its host, really couldn’t withstand a single blow!

The instant that external system was destroyed, Su Wan received the prompt that the mission was completed in her mind –

BUG has been destroyed, agent/host/agent can choose to leave mission world at any time.

This seemingly difficult mission was actually completed in such a simple way.

This was unthinkable for the Su Wan who had just entered missions 4 years ago.

If there was no Yang Wu, if Yang Zixi didn’t choose to renounce the system, then depending only on their existing strengths, Su Wan and Su Rui could win against Yang Zixi. But, if Yang Zixi were to enter the system space and not exit for 10 or 8 years, their mission would have failed.

The so-called calculations of the Heavens were not as good as the calculations of man.

No matter how precise an instrument was, it would never be able to calculate human feelings……

Finally, Su Wan chose to remain in the mission world. She still had 6 years of time. She wanted to use these 6 years and accompany Su Rui to complete his mission –

Watch on together as the drifting and miserable people in the end of the world can now live a happy life in a new era.


Within 6 years, Cangya Base had become humanity’s largest base. Along with the arrival of the new age, there were now none of those zombies who would bite people anywhere in the world. All that remained  was now all new human races.

They had their own awareness and thoughts. They could still only depend on energy crystal nuclei to absorb nutrition and energy, but apart from this, there was no difference between these new humans and the other humans. Even the bases of new humans in the end of the world was far greater than ordinary peoples’.

Green Leaves Laboratory still disappeared from the long annals of history in the end. There were not many people who still remembered the “Dr. L” that would make people talk till the colour of their faces changed. In the new world, the first laboratory that everyone recognized was called “Maple Leaf Laboratory”……

From the main street of the new capital of the new world, you could see two statues side by side from afar.

Those statues belonged to Yan Yu and Li Xiang. They created a new era and obtained the love and life that belonged to them.

“How’s the taste of being an unknown hero?”

Su Wan and Su Rui slowly walked down the long street. At this time, the sky was blue and tall trees grew on either side of the street.

10 years of the end of the world, these things that were common in other worlds were so precious and delightful here.

Unnamed hero……

No one knew that the new drug that suppressed the virus, the high-tech things that opened up the potential of the human body and even the energy crystal nuclei had come from the hands of Dr. L.

Dr. L, he would be written into history as a name in the historical records of sinners.

“I’ve been to another end of the world before.”

When Su Rui heard Su Wan, he unconsciously tightened his hold on her hand: “In that place, there was slaughtering and plundering everywhere. Xiao Wan, I’ve been very happy in the past 10  years here. I felt that I’ve retrieved something that I’ve lost in the past.”

Every adult was once a child.

And every child was once innocent…..

“I also….”

Su Wan raised her head and smiled at Su Rui: “I also found something I once lost, just like you. Something very, very important.”

Yang Wu took Yang Zixi to live the quiet, secluded life that he wanted. In fact, if Yand Zixi did not obtain a Supporting Female Reversal System after she was reborn, perhaps she would already have lived a quiet life with Yang Wu.

The existence of the system induced the longing and obsession in her heart and made her overlook the people by her side.

Fortunately in the last moment, Yang Zixi was able to suddenly wake up.

Regarding Yang Zixi, Su Wan did not detest her too much. Of course, in the end, if Yang Wu didn’t exist, Su Wan would never have been merciful to Yang Zixi.

It was Yang Wu’s silent effort in his two lifetimes that moved Su Wan.

Just like Su Rui thought, Su Wan’s heart had a weak spot, and Yang Wu’s infatuation was precisely the thing that she was constantly looking for –

It must be said when looking from another angle, Yang Zixi was lucky and incomparably happy.

Compared to her, Chu Feiyang in this life was tragic.

Humans were this kind of habitual creature. He could abandon others once for his own sake, abandon a second time, then the third time and fourth time became very easy.

Chu Feiyang, who became more and more selfish, was destined to live alone in this life. Unwilling to hand over his true heart to others, on what basis can he expect others to be devoted to him?

Su Wan felt that Yang Zixi and Chu Feiyang were like a pair of mirrors reflecting their own past, the present and the future……

The end of the world, let people learn to cherish.

This world, also let Su Wan retrieve the confidence she lost.

The 10 year time limit unconsciously arrived. When the countdown ends, Su Wan and Su Rui would be forced to leave from this world.

Feeling that her soul was pulling away from her body, Su Wan still looked at Su Rui with a gentle gaze –

“Su Rui, in the next world, I will….. be waiting for you.”

I will be waiting for you.

This was the promise that belongs to you and me.


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