Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (13)

When she returned to her own class, she received a lot of different looks; fear, wonder, disbelief, doubt, every kind there were.

Among them, Zhou Jialin had the biggest reaction, she shouted in excitement, “Su Yiyi, you’re really not loyal! You didn’t tell me all this time! But seriously, I really didn’t expect that you’re actually Su Huaiyan’s elder sister!”

Shen Mubai was tormented by Su Huaiyan all the way, so when she heard her jolly friend like this, she could only responded weakly, “En.”

Zhou Jialin was still in a state of happiness, “It’s good, now you’ll become the most famous person in school beside Su Huaiyan.”

Shen Mubai felt drowsy, it took a lot of effort to carry a person, what’s more the person was a teenager of 1.7 meter in height, not only it was difficult to do, she also suffered through physical and mental torture.

Seeing that she was unwilling to say anything, Zhou Jialin lowered her voice and said, “Hey, Su Yiyi, are you and Su Huaiyan biological sister and brother?”

Shen Mubai, whose brain was half-asleep, replied subconsciously, “No.”

The original host’s similar surname was just a coincidence.

Zhou Jialin imagined a series of dog-blood dramas (melodramatic), and although she didn’t know about Su Huaiyan’s true background, by relying on rumors alone, she knew that it wasn’t simple. Although she’s a love-struck fool and loves gossips, she’s not the kind of girl who would spread rumors. She had a look of understanding as she rubbed Shen Mubai’s head, “You’ve worked hard.”

Shen Mubai, “…” What weird stuff are you making up in your brain?

Another class passed by quickly.

While carrying her school bag, Shen Mubai went to Su Huaiyan’s class only to be told that the person was called to the office by the director.

She had an ominous premonition in her heart, so she quickly hurried there.

When she was approaching the door, an argument was already ringing from inside.

“My son was beaten until he was hospitalized, I demand for justice! You must compensate for this loss! As for how much it would be , it still has to be discussed, but you’re obliged to follow our decision!”

“That’s it! My son has been spoiled since childhood, I’ve given him the best clothes and the best food since he was a kid. He has good grades and is obedient in class, unlike some student who has no father nor mother to teach. Anyway, you have to compensate us, hundreds of thousands yuan, no less! You… husband, you look at his appearance, how dreadful ah.”

A married woman was hiding behind her husband in fear and nervousness, but Su Huaiyan only looked at her with a smile that’s not like a smile, no one could see clearly the genuine emotion inside his eyes, it was just the horrifying air around his body that made even the director beside him somewhat nervous.

Shen Mubai knocked on the door and said after she saw the director, “Director, I’m Su Huaiyan’s sister, Su Yiyi.”

The director recognized her, although he didn’t understand why the two person who usually didn’t have good relationship acting like this, but the current situation was a bit special, so he hurriedly said, “Come in.”

This couple was Lin Zijin’s mother and father. After hearing Shen Mubai’s words, the two sides looked at each other and one of them preemptively said, “So you’re this boy’s sister? Your brother hit my son until he got hospitalized, what do you think should be done, huh?”

Shen Mubai first glanced at Su Huaiyan. The person didn’t react much to her arrival, only looking at her with a smile that has no difference with the smile he gave to the couple in front of him, which made Shen Mubai inexplicably felt uncomfortable.



Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 143
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