Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 144

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Chapter 144 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (14)

She looked at the couple in front and said, “How do you want to handle this?”

The woman looked at her with a gentle look while saying in high spirit, “Isn’t it obvious? Little girl, first of all, we want your brother to apologize to our son, and it has to be sincere! The second problem is compensation. My son said that he had to stay in hospital for a while, and there were various compensations for his mental loss too, at least you have to pay no less than a few hundred thousands! Don’t tell me that your family don’t have the money, surely the branded shoes on your feet wasn’t borrowed, right?”

Shen Mubai laughed softly, “Do you know the entire process of this matter?”

The director cut in, “I already told them.”

The woman felt a bit guilty, but she became more imposing as she thought about the large sum of money in her head, “Yes, our son caused the problem first, but what’s wrong about that? My son is such a good boy, and his grades are good too, it must be your brother that did something wrong before, otherwise, why would my son do such a thing? Besides, your brother only suffered dislocated bone, but my son’s bones were fractured by him and now he’s still lying in hospital. There’s no need to say anymore, your brother has to apologize! Compensate! Not even one less! Director, I believe that you understand and will handle this fairly.”

Others might still be okay, but the person was Su Huaiyan. The director only felt cold sweats flowing down his back. Su Huaiyan’s father often gave support to the school, moreover, this couple’s attitude was too much, he felt a bit scared, before Master Su’s assistant come, what kind of irreversible act would Su Huaiyan do?

“This… please be calm, both sides have mistakes so we can’t say something is definite. I already gave notice to the student’s parent, it won’t be long before they come, so we should discuss properly at this time. Everyone be calm and speak nicely.”

When the woman heard his words, her heart turned in several curves. One look at this pair of brother and sister, she knew that they came from a rich family, when that time comes, she absolutely has to insist to death and never loosen her grip, surely that money will be 100% seized in her hands.

Hence her heart unavoidably felt somewhat proud for herself, but her mouth still mercilessly saying, “Forget it, little girl, let’s just wait until your parents come ah, but you should still educate your brother a lot when you get back. Really make one open one’s eyes.”

Shen Mubai looked at her talking word by word and said, “You want apology? I tell you what, dream on. Not only that, you have to apologize to my brother, and it also must be sincere.”

The woman was dumbfounded, “What? You ask me to apologize? For what reason?”

Shen Mubai felt very angry, but she still had to keep the smile on her face, “You’re an adult, but you still speak without careful diction that my brother wasn’t educated. Excuse me, but this kind of humiliating words, is this what you called as self-restraint? What qualifications do you have to speak these kind of words?”

The girl said in a calm manner, but it made the woman felt her face growing hotter with each of her words, she couldn’t help but moved her gaze away with her guilty conscience, “Such a joke, was what I said not true? You want me to apologize? Impossible!”

The smile on Shen Mubai’s face gradually faded, “Since you don’t want to apologize, then my brother won’t apologize to your son. As for the medical expenses, how much money the hospital said, we won’t give you even one cent. If you’re not willing, then we can just call the police directly because the way you guys acted can already be counted as extortion.”

When she heard about the police, the woman immediately felt alarmed, “You people joined to bully us, so unprincipled! Director, say something ah!”



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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 144
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