Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 72.3

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Chapter 72.3 — The Eighteenth Point

“I just want you to know that you can’t move me back your hands. Therefore, please stop talking nonsense okay? My time is very precious.” Qin Jiran was a little annoyed. This Zhang Yuanzhuo looked to be extremely polite but he felt as if he was a dog skin plaster who was shameless, finding him time after time. Even his words weren’t pleasant to hear.

“I don’t want to waste your time but old man Qin’s task for me is for you to meet him. Therefore, no matter what, I need to bring you to see him!” Zhang Yuanzhuo exclaimed, determined. No matter if it’s old man Qin or him, they only cared about the result. The process was not important. So even if he doesn’t want his face, he needed to bring Qin Jiran over to see old man Qin!

Qin Jiran’s face turned worse. This person obviously was going against him!

“Not going!” Qin Jiran stood up, coldly spitting out the two words. He left with surrounding cold aura around him. There was no need for him to even see this person.

After he shot three days of scenes in Tian Xiu Villa, Qin Jiran was a little impatient to get home. Although he hadn’t seen Yanyi for two days, he thought about her quite a bit in his heart. Especially after he was drunk and had no idea what he had done which led him to want to see Su Yanyi. Therefore, when he returned inside the city, he called Su Yanyi. He exclaimed that he was going home to cook dinner and wanted to know if she was coming back.

Su Yanyi naturally agreed happily. Now, she enjoyed Qin Jiran’s cooking the most. It corresponded with her taste more and more. Therefore, that night, Su Yanyi got off of work early. When she arrive home, the dinner wasn’t done yet so she went to change into her pajamas. She looked at the time and realized it was still early so she went to the kitchen to find Qin Jiran, a little bored.

Qin Jiran who wore white and blue checked apron, right now, was like a stay home male. He was warm, comfortable, and cozy. At the same time, this led people to have appetite. Appetite because the smell was nice.

“What are you making? It smells nice.” Just from the smell, Su Yanyi felt hungrier.

He turned around due to the sound. In Qin Jiran’s hands, he still held a huge soup ladle, smiling when he saw Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened: “Seafood soup. There are rolls of dried tofu strips, shrimps, seaweeds, fresh squids, etc. In a bit, it will be edible. Don’t rush.”

Su Yanyi chose to ignore Qin Jiran’s tone which was like soothing a child. She looked around her surroundings and noticed the plate of sweet and sour pork chops. Her eyes brightened and reached over to grab one, placing it in her mouth. The sweet and sour flavor was nice.

Qin Jiran’s smile deepened, seeing this scene. Such a childish Yanyi. She was extremely adorable.

“On that side of the plates, there are turbots and mapo tofu. You can taste it.” Qin Jiran took the initiative to confess the whereabouts of the food, not needing Su Yanyi to look for it. Su Yanyi gave Qin Jiran a look of appreciation then continued to lower her head, secretly munching on the food.

Su Yanyi spent her time eating before she suddenly thought that what she was doing was a little impolite. She pondered over it before taking the spoon and scooping up a bit of tofu, bring it over to Qin Jiran’s mouth.

Overwhelmed by favor, right! Qin Jiran stared at the tofu in front of him. Without hesitating, he opened his mouth and finished it in one gulp. He even kept the spoon in his mouth.

Su Yanyi pulled at the spoon, realizing that she couldn’t pull the spoon out. She looked at Qin Jiran, questioning: “The spoon tastes good too?”

Qin Jiran embarrassedly loosened the spoon, bashfully: “It’s the tofu that is tasty.”

“You like to eat tofu?” Su Yanyi incessantly wanted to find out Qin Jiran’s preferences. When she heard this, her eyes brightened. But the voice of the system hadn’t rang as she expected.

Tofu? The tofu in the mouth was tasty but it might not be to the point he enjoyed it. But if it was that tofu…Qin Jiran stared at Su Yanyi, couldn’t help to indulge in his fantasy. It primarily had to do with he and Yanyi’s close interactions lately. They even had a couple of experiences of sharing the bed. This was nearly impossible for Qin Jiran to not think in the wrong way. At the minimum, he was a normal man. His beloved was in his arms. It would be considered not normal if he was indifferent!

Qin Jiran had thought about it but was still embarrassed. The slightly red tip of his ears was the most powerful evidence.

Su Yanyi saw this scene with her sharp eyes. She thought about it before asking unconfidently: “I am feeding you food and you’re embarrassed?”

Did she need to ask this so straightforwardly? Is this really not public teasing? Qin Jiran felt that not only did the tips of his ears redden but his face too.

Su Yanyi’s calm and blunt attitude evidently held too much power in overwhelming him. Basically, Qin Jiran was unable to resist this. He could only turn around, remaining silent. He continued to simmer his soup in a serious manner. He genuinely didn’t want to talk to Su Yanyi now. A man’s face turned red due to a woman dallying him – He was unable to accept this truth.

Su Yanyi glanced at the awkward man, laughing happily. The disappointed mood vanished right then. She picked up the spoon to scoop another spoonful of tofu and delivered it to Qin Jiran’s mouth: “Don’t be embarrassed. You will get used to it after a while.”

Qin Jiran stared at the spoon for two seconds and felt that Su Yanyi was purposefully teasing him. He quietly ate the tofu on the spoon.

Yanyi’s tofu, is tasty! Qin Jiran thought that since he didn’t dare to openly tease her then he will think about it in his heart!

The two of them had eaten a lot during dinner. Su Yanyi felt that she had eaten too much and felt uncomfortable sitting. Qin Jiran was on the other side preparing fruits and desserts. She didn’t even want to look at it.

“Don’t prepare this. Let’s go take a stroll.” Su Yanyi pulled on Qin Jiran’s hands, walking off. The two of them strolled around the neighborhood. The linked hands hadn’t loosen but Qin Jiran’s huge hands completely covered Su Yanyi’s small hands. It was a little cold outside so he was afraid Su Yanyi might freeze.

“I already started to let people get ahold of the small shareholders of Tiansheng Media and Wang’s media. These two companies, due to family Wang, had some problems internally recently. Their reputations are getting worse and worse. The stock prices are decreasing too. The funds they purchased in reality was way less than the expected purchase.” The two of them walked along each other while Qin Jiran reported how their plan for purchasing went.

“Are the funds enough? If not, I have.” Su Yanyi didn’t really have an understanding of Qin Jiran’s actual situation in his company. The two companies belonged to two different areas. She didn’t specially investigate this so she had inquired.

Qin Jiran smiled, confidently exclaiming: “If I was to directly go against Wang’s company, it might not be enough. But I was just purchasing the two media companies so it is enough. Don’t worry.”

SQ Company isn’t a commercial enterprise but their main business is venture capital. Therefore, there was a large number of flowing funds within the business. Of course, these aren’t all his money. These were funds accumulated from different influencers. But as long as they can earn money with their money, these investors won’t even care what you are doing.

Su Yanyi nodded her head, not saying anymore. She believed in Qin Jiran’s power. Before she died past life, although Qin Jiran gradually went behind the screen within the entertainment circle, the enterprises still went up a notch. This relied on Qin Jiran’s power in order to keep developing. Plus, if it weren’t in order to take care of her, this man probably expanded his company even more. Therefore, this man really had a lot of power.

She thought back to her past life and Su Yanyi unavoidably recalled Wang Zhilin. From the time she had made Wang Zhilin faint due to anger, it was already a couple days ago. Should she and Qin Jiran go visit her again?

However, this thought flashed past for a moment. Some methods, it’s enough to do just once. If she used this method again, she would think it’s boring. Then she should think of a new idea in order for Wang Zhilin to feel uncomfortable.

“What are you thinking? You seemed to be very happy?” Qin Jiran watched as Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened. She felt very excited, asking out of curiosity.

“How are you thinking to handle Wang Zhilin?” Su Yanyi didn’t even reveal her dark side. She straightforwardly exclaimed her thoughts.

Qin Jiran was stunned for moment. He apparently had no idea this would be the answer. But quickly, she thought it was quite funny. He had no idea why but he knew that Yanyi was scheming someone but he still believed this type of Yanyi was very cute. She was the overbearing type of cute.

“Do you want me to cooperate with you? Or go to the hospital to visit her?” Qin Jiran took the initiative to inquire. He still remembered the last time when they visited the hospital. Yanyi’s “honey” basically went deep in his heart. For this endearment, don’t say going to the hospital to visit, even if he has to go up the mountains and down the fire sea, he would be willing to.

“If we played this scheme and then play it again, it won’t be interesting anymore. I want a new idea. If you have an idea, then you can say it too so that I can refer to it.” Su Yanyi was pretty satisfied with Qin Jiran’s reactions. This man, as expected, stood by her side.

He glanced at Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran thought she was cuter by the moment. She was weird but with a tint of mischievousness. She was extremely quick-witted but also alluring.

Under the dusky night, Qin Jiran’s eyes were filled with Su Yanyi’s silhouette. Every frown and smile was his love.

“Yanyi, no matter what you want to do, I will support you. No matter what, it is ok.” He softly hugged Su Yanyi. Qin Jiran lowered his voice, exclaiming in Su Yanyi’s ears. Then he extremely sincerely marked a kiss on Su Yanyi’s forehead, covering his promise with a stamp.

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