Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 72.2

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Chapter 72.2 — The Eighteenth Point

She lifted her fingers, poking at the sleeping man. Su Yanyi hadn’t acknowledged that she held bad intentions. She just didn’t want this man to be late thus the reason why she called him up!

“Wake up!” Su Yanyi poked the man’s nose. Every time she poked it, it collapsed in. This was extremely interesting to her.

Qin Jiran originally was going to wake up anyway. Now that Su Yanyi played with him, he naturally woke up. It’s just that he had just woken up when he saw a close up of San Yi and the lily-white fingers in front of his face.

What is going on? Qin Jiran stared confusingly at Su Yanyi.

Su Yanyi immediately stood up, looking at Qin Jiran quite calmly: “It’s time for you to wake up otherwise you will be late.”
Su Yanyi walked after saying this, leaving Qin Jiran to be puzzled. He kept on feeling as though something wasn’t right when he noticed that he still wore yesterday’s clothes after lowering his head. The surrounding was filled with the smell of alcohol and right then he recalled his look when drinking alcohol yesterday. He felt unpleasant thinking about this.

So he had drunk too much yesterday? Then how did he arrived back? Qin Jiran pondered over this but his mind was blank. He had no idea how he came back yesterday!

Qin Jiran’s expression changed. It had nothing to do with him bring drunk but how come he was drunk in front of Su Yanyi’s face? Not only that, it was to the point where he forgot what happened! Then did he do something he shouldn’t have yesterday?

Qin Jiran felt as his body stiffened. He knew that he most likely hadn’t done the thing he shouldn’t have the most which led him to secretly calm down a bit. Right after, he was a little regretful. Then, his face turned slightly red, not knowing what he thought of.

He was afraid that Su Yanyi might see him like this when she returned so he rushed into the bathroom to sort himself out. But when he came out, his head fell dejectedly still.

Obviously, Su Yanyi had drunk quite a bit of wine yesterday too but how come in the end, he was the one that was drunk? Was his capacity for wine worse than Su Yanyi?! This struck a man’s confidence a little.

Qin Jiran let his imagination ran wild for a little before leaving the bedroom expressionlessly. Within the villa, there was a restaurant. When Qin Jiran arrived, Su Yanyi had begun eating already.
Everyone looked at them normally and this led Qin Jiran to relax. According to people’s reactions, he hadn’t embarrassed himself or if he did, it was only in front of Su Yanyi…

He pondered over this but Qin Jiran who was recently relaxed suddenly felt gloomy. He rather embarrassed himself in front of everyone than to do so in front of Yanyi. He had tried so hard to reveal his best side in front of Yanyi.

“Yanyi, cough, yesterday, are you okay?” Qin Jiran tested, sitting by her side a little not confident.
“I’m pretty good.” Su Yanyi glanced at Qin Jiran, calmly replying.

Qin Jiran laughed unnaturally, embarrassed to say anything else. He started to eat his breakfast in silence.

Su Yanyi smiled. This man obviously didn’t remember what happened yesterday. Then should she tell him? Su Yanyi wondered about it before thinking to wait a bit before telling him. It was quite funny to see him being anxious.

Qin Jiran had no clue of Su Yanyi’s thoughts. However, it’s better that he had no idea. Otherwise, even if he knew he was teased, he wouldn’t be willing to settle this down with her.

When the apprehensive breakfast was finished, Qin Jiran and the crew work. This time, the film studio was constructed outside the villa. After tens of intense gun battle shots, Su Yanyi had to go. There was a meeting she had to attend in the morning that required her presence.

After shooting a whole morning’s worth of scenes, Qin Jiran rolled on the ground and felt the pulse of his heart. But the effect of the shoots was pretty good. Gui Zekai patted Qin Jiran’s shoulders, satisfied: “Jiran is great. Not only are your acting skills good but your capacity for wine is better.”

When he heard “capacity for wine,” Qin Jiran looked to be unwell. He stared at Guo Zekai: “Yanyi’s capacity for wine is better.”

In reality, everyone had drank about the same amount last night. But based on the results, Yanyi’s capacity for wine was obviously the best.

Guo Zekai choked for a second, smiling awkwardly: “Yes, no wonder she is the Queen. She leads people to be ashamed for having such a great capacity.”

Yes, ashamed. He is also ashamed but he couldn’t say so! Qin Jiran glared coldly at Guo Zekai. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t have dunk that much. It was all Guo Zekai’s fault!

“Cough, why are you glaring at me? Did you get scold by the Queen for drinking too much last night?” Guo Zekai was excited all of a sudden, staring curiously at Qin Jiran. That is the typical type of enjoying pleasure in one’s misfortune.

It was better to be scolded. At least, it meant the matter was over. But the Queen said nothing which led him to be uncertain of whether or not he had done something embarrassing.

Qin Jiran didn’t believe Yanyi would express this out loud. It’s because she claimed that nothing happened that made him believe something must’ve happened. Therefore, Yanyi had remained calm and collected. It’s hard to say whether she kept him in her mind.

Pondering to this point, Qin Jiran felt a headache rising. It really wasn’t suitable for him to have a battle of wits and courage with his beloved one.

At night, because there was a day’s shooting mission, Qin Jiran had to live within the villa still. When he finished dinner and was about to rest, the telephone within the room rang. The service people reported that someone outside the villa wanted to see him. Qin Jiran was familiar with the people pronounced. It was old man Qin and his personal assistant, Zhang Yuanzhuo.

Should he see them or not? Qin Jiran was annoyed. When he thought of family Qin and family Qin’s attitudes on the birthday banquet, he simply didn’t want to pay attention to them. If allowed, he really wished he was an orphan. Even if his parents both died and he had no relatives, it was more comfortable than the status he held right now!

In the end, Qin Jiran chose to meet them. After all, it wasn’t a solution to keep hiding. Even if they didn’t meet this time, there will be times when they will meet in the future.

Qin Jiran ordered for people to arrange a small room for receiving visitors. Zhang Yuanzhuo came by himself too. The two of them sat across from each other.

Zhang Yuanzhou held some reputation within A City. He could be considered the golden person within the world of assistants. He’s in his forties and stayed by old man Qin’s side since a long time ago. He held a lot of power and is the trusted aide of old man Qin. Many people didn’t even know as much as him.

“Mister Qin, this is the first time meeting you. I am Zhang Yuanzhuo, old man Qin’s assistant and pleasure to meet you.” Zhang Yuanzhuo was very respectful to Qin Jiran. But no matter what was shown on the surface, this couldn’t represent what he thought in his heart.

Qin Jiran hadn’t seen Zhang Yuanzhuo before but he could tell from just one look that he was an extremely astute man. It was no wonder that he was able to stay by old man Qin’s side for twenty-something years.

“Mister Zhang, you should know that no matter how many times you come over, I won’t change my mind.” Qin Jiran’s tone was indifferent, even to the point he was unwilling to exclaim false words. He directly expressed his opinions.

“The matter depends on the individual. There is nothing that is impossible to change. Mister Qin, do you really not want to know what type of will old man Qin will set up? Maybe it has to do with you.” While Zhang Yuanzhuo declared these words, his gaze hadn’t left Qin Jiran’s body. He didn’t believe that Qin Jiran held no interest to family Qin’s inheritance. Especially when this piece of inheritance most likely had to do with him!

Money, power, who wouldn’t like this? Based on his thoughts, although Qin Jiran was the Film Emperor, he was still a performing artist. How could he compare to family Qin’s power and wealth? Plus, there is also the problem within family Su. From a man’s perspective, he wouldn’t want his wife to be more powerful than him. Did Qin Jiran not want to inherit family Qin’s inheritance then stand on the same level as family Su?

In order to persuade Qin Jiran, Zhang Yuanzhuo reflected over many questions then paid a visit under old man Qin’s wishes.

He had chosen to meet Qin Jiran in his villa as a result of his careful deliberations. After all, he was going to use the inheritance to lure Qin Jiran into meeting old man Qin. He didn’t want too many people to know about this or for family Su to intervene. Therefore, he had chosen this time.

Qin Jiran felt that Zhang Yuanzhuo had some problems in his brain. He had already refused multiple times so why is he still asking these unmeaningful questions?

Qin Jiran was furious. He spoke in an impolite tone: “You like money and you are willing to do anything for money to the point where you admit someone who abandoned as father for the inheritance but I am not willing to. I don’t want anything to do with family Qin. No matter what they give me, even if it’s one billion or a hundred billion, I don’t want it. Do you understand what I am saying now?”

Zhang Yuanzhuo’s face turned ugly. Qin Jiran was clearly saying he gauged the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure. He thought this in his heart but it would be embarrassing had he claimed this out loud.

“Mister Qin, there is no need for you to attack me verbally.” Zhang Yuanzhuo’s face dimmed. But once he thought about his mission coming here, he couldn’t become hostile with him.

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  1. What the hell is his purpose anyway? Is old man Qin so disappointed with his sons that he’s looking for an “outsider” as heir?

  2. Ahhh. I love this. The reason why so many powerful women end up being in unhappy marriages is all the pressure for men to be more assertive than women. Pshhh! He’s adorable. There’s no need to force him to be who he’s not with his own wife.

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