Rebirth in a Perfect Era Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — [A painful rebirth]

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2001, July 8th, a heavy storm suddenly came, pouring heavily as if it was trying to cleanse Hai Zhou city from any filth within.

The pedestrians who were caught unaware quickly rushed towards the sides of the streets to seek shelter, on the streets other than cars and a few pedestrians who had umbrellas, there was a youth covered in mud as he ran pitifully against the force of the storm.

He was tightly hugging a clear plastic folder, within the folder was a ballpoint pen, pencil, eraser and other stationery, there was also a college admission entrance slip and his identity card.

The youth was called Li Mu, currently there was blood trickling down the left side of his forehead, but even so, he was still running furiously as if he was mad, causing other pedestrians to raise their brows as they watched him.

At this moment, Li Mu lamented softly, “Even after I’ve rebirth, I still couldn’t avoid being knocked by a car, if only I could rebirth ten minutes earlier.”

Thirty minutes earlier, Li Mu who was riding on his bicycle was going to take his last english college exam, as he was crossing the sidewalk, he was knocked by a limousine and fainted. The ambulance arrived and hurriedly brought him to the hospital, but unexpectedly, Li Mu woke up before reaching the hospital.

However, the Li Mu who woke up was not the same as the youth who was knocked over, although they are the same person, the one who woke up was Li Mu fifteen years from the future.

Before the rebirth happen, the future Li Mu was working overtime writing codes, as he continue writing and writing, he unknowingly fell asleep and when he woke up, he was lying in the ambulance.

After he regained conscious for a few minutes, Li Mu then confirmed he had indeed rebirth, and in his memories, the accident today changed his life.

Today at 3pm, it was the english exam and it was the last subject for the college exams.

In his previous life, after Li Mu had been knocked over, it was not like today where he woke up so quickly. In his previous life, when he woke up, he was already sent to the hospital and the time then was 3.15pm, the english examinations had started fifteen minutes ago.

He did not care about the objections from the doctor and pretty driver then, and was determined to take the exams, the doctor then did a simple check on his injury to see if there was any further complications, and then escorted him to the examination venue using the ambulance, accompanied by the traffic police and the lady driver.

As he reached the exam venue, Li Mu was already 35 minutes late, according to the rules, those who were late for more than half an hour were not allowed to take the exam, however Li Mu’s circumstances were special and since there was the traffic police and doctor to vouch for him, Li Mu was able to enter the examination hall, but the english listening test was about to end.

The mental state of Li Mu then was not too good, adding to the fact that he was late for the listening comprehension test, he was unable to bring out his best for that examination, he only scored 49 points for his english test.

As the weightage for english was greater, Li Mu only obtained a score of 535, barely missing 5 points to qualify for a first-tier college, therefore he was only able to entered a tier-2 engineering college.

In his previous life, his own parents and the lady driver hoped that he would repeat studying for another year, the lady driver was even willing to pay for all of his expenses, but as Li Mu considered his family financial situation, he wanted to graduate earlier and find a job, therefore he decided to give up repeating another year.

After that, Li Mu did not see the female driver again, till 2015. When he was working in Beijing with a work permit, his parents suddenly called him and asked him to hurry back to attend a funeral.

Only then did he know that the deceased was the female driver who knocked him over in his youth, her name was Chen Wan. Before her death, she was working as a variety TV show host for a provisional tv station, although she was not some big-shot, but she was still pretty well known within the province.


His parents then told them that when Chen Wan had knocked him over, she secretly paid for his four year university fees, and following her wishes, his parents did not tell him about it at all.

Regarding her death, it was truly saddening. Firstly, her father was sentenced to the death sentence for illegal fund raising activities, then her husband took part speculating in stocks, and vanished after losing all their family assets due to the crash of the stock market, then a heartless local media group distorted the truth about her story and published it, it was a huge blow to her, she then turned to alcohol to drown her sorrows and died unexpectedly to alcohol poisoning.

As Li Mu knew about all these, he was always grateful towards the lady, thus he jumped out of the ambulance without any concern, not forgetting to shout toward the pretty lady sitting in her car who was about to chase him, “Don’t chase me, this is not your fault, and remember not to play with stocks.”

In his previous life, Li Mu did not blame her at all, and now he also would not blame her.

In regards to the tragedy that she will face ten years later, Li Mu currently did not have any solutions to warn her more about.

The watch on his wrist showed that it was currently 2.50pm, the examination venue was was only a kilometer away and there was still ten minutes to the start of the exam.

“I can still make it!” Li Mu could not afford any time to experience the excitement from his rebirth, his head was filled with thoughts about the upcoming english exam, if he still could not perform well for this test, even after being reborn, what could he do then?

The young Li Mu then did not understand the great difference between a tier-1 and a tier 2, but after being a programmer in Beijing for eleven years, he was extremely clear regarding the usefulness of one’s educational qualifications.

Before his rebirth, Li Mu was working in a large internet company, those who were around the same age as him and graduated from famous schools were given positions like the Presidents and vice-presidents etc, with an annual salary of fifty thousand and above, himself however due to his academic qualifications being insufficient, he was only able to become a senior engineer, unable to obtain a management position, and his annual salary was only twenty thousand plus, for someone who has worked for eleven years, such a salary was extremely mediocre.

The future Li Mu regretted deeply, if only he did not try to act strong, repeating his studies for another year and entered a good school, his fate might have change, maybe when he was thirty years old, he would be able to able an apartment, maybe his three relationships might not end up in failure and maybe he might have the ability to bring his parents over for them to live in ease and comfort.

Li Mu has also fantasied countless that if it was possible for humans to have the opportunity to start over from a selected time node.

In this case, he might be able to accomplish most of the regrets in his life.

For example, returning to before the start of college exams to try and redeem the failure of his 2001 college exam;

For example, if he could return to his youth, he will be more considerate to his parent and less rebellious, in hopes that it will allow them to age much slower;

For example, if he could return to an afternoon where the weather is great, and confessed his love for his secret crush, Su Ying Xue who was the prettiest girl in school, even if he was rejected, he could make a save point and return just right before the confession, and continue to be friends with her and not give up entirely just because he was worried that they cannot be friends after that .

Unexpectedly, today he actually went back to most life-changing point in his memories.

However, as soon as he was reborn, he was knocked over by a car, and he still had to quickly drag the body of his which was knocked over to take an exam, it was indeed somewhat tragic.

Other than that, he had already forgotten the question for the english exams as it has been fifteen years, as for what score he can achieve was a big question mark.

Recalling that after the failure of his college exams in his previous life, his parents was unable to let it go for a long time, Li Mu felt the worry in his heart increased.

Truly asking for one’s life!

Worrying about it is pointless, I just have to do my best.


It was a good thing that Hai Zhou was still a developing city, the city was closely packed together, moreover, Li Mu was extremely familiar with Hai Zhou, therefore he could navigate with ease, eventually reaching the examination venue just as the alarm sounded.

As he reached the entrance of the examination hall, a male invigilator was coincidentally standing at the entrance and reached out to block Li Mu’s path without waiting for him to enter, sizing Li Mu up in astonishment and frowned as he said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m here to take the exam.”

The two invigilator and thirty plus examinees within the classroom was stupefied by Li Mu who stood before them, nobody has seen anybody taking the college exam in such an appearance, a male about 1.8m tall, excluding the fact that his body covered in mud, his face was bleeding and half of his white T-shirt was dyed in fresh blood and was soaked with rain water, making him extremely eye-catching.

The female invigilator who was currently tearing open the sealed envelope containing the examination papers also stopped her action, every invigilator had a roster and this was her first time invigilating this venue and it was also her first time seeing Li Mu.

At this moment, the male invigilator who stood at the entrance, frowned at Li Mu and said sternly, “How can you attend this examination looking like this! Do you think the examination venue is your house’s living room, go and make yourself dry before you enter!”

Notes: Weightage is a term commonly used in my country, Singapore to determine the value of a particular subject versus another.

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