Rebirth in a Perfect Era Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 — [Unconventional Examine]

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Li Mu had already gone to high school once, so he knew that the teachers in the early 21st century were like tyrants and had the belief to discipline using force. The current media was not as developed, and the public’s supervision on teachers was inadequate, let’s not forget to mention about those teachers who vomits sarcasm freely, even corporal punishment was carried out in disguise, this was extremely common from primary school to high school.

Meanwhile, Li Mu’s examination venue was at Shi Wu Zhong, Wu Zhong was the city worst high school in the public opinion.

The students here were the worst in the entire city, the quality of the team of teachers here was at the bottom of the city, most of the teachers here were graduates of a local teaching college, and how lousy was the teaching college, Li Mu was extremely clear on that. The local students only had to border-line pass their college examinations, and the teaching college would open their doors to them, even so, there was a lack of students enrolled in it every year.

This type of teacher from this school, speaking such words did not surprise Li Mu, only that the rebirth version of him had a mental age of thirty years old, how could he take the bait?

At this moment, the male teacher looked at the time and spoke with a kind and concern tone, “The exams allow one to be late for thirty minutes, if you go back home now and change, you should be able to make it.”

As Li Mu heard his words, he could not help but frowned, “How about the listening comprehension test then?”

The male teacher shrugged his shoulders, spreading out his arms with a helpless expression on his face, “Then, I’ve got no other solution, in your current state, I cannot allow you to enter the examination hall.”

The other examinees present within the examination hall were shocked, this male teacher was really a jerk, he was making things difficult for a student during the college exams, it was just like playing a joke with someone’s future.

Li Mu then sneered, he did not put the teacher in his eyes, he then raised his chin, combed his wet hair to one side, exposing a handsome but somewhat miserable look, pointing to the wound on his left forehead and spoke with an unfriendly tone,  “Let me tell you, when I was on the way to the examination venue, I was knocked over by a car, and I’m currently feeling quite dizzy, within ten minutes, if you do not let me enter, then I might collapse any moment, if I collapse here today, then your salary for 3 years would not be able to compensate me. Don’t you believe so?”

As he uttered those words out, not only was the three invigilators shocked, all the examinees in the exam hall were looking at Li Mu as if they were looking at an alien.

On one hand, the current media and internet was not as developed, everybody did not understand the concept of ‘Victim mentality’, on the other hand, who had seen a student talking back to a teacher in such a manner? Too awesome, too cool!

However, the more unusual one’s action is, frequently result in unexpected outcomes.

If Li Mu opted for the usual choice, to beg and weep, he predicted that the teacher would climb all over him. However he displayed a ‘if you do not let me enter, I’ll frame you’ tone, the teacher whose age was not over 27 years old was immediately terrified.

After all, Li Mu really had a wound on his forehead, his face and shirt was covered in blood, anybody would believe him if he said he was knocked by a car, if he did not trouble Li Mu, and allowed him to enter and if he were to collapse inside, it would not implicate him at all, but if he did not allow Li Mu to enter, and the Li Mu, who was standing outside the entrance, collapse and if any further complication arises, then even if he jumped into the yellow river, he would not be able to wash his crime away.  

There were dozens of eyes  looking at you, you were the one that did not allow him to enter and take a seat. If he collapse, then even if you aren’t the cause, you would be held accountable for it anyway.

Terrified for a moment, the male teacher then quickly waved his hands, with an unfriendly look on his face but spoke with a defeated tone, “Fine, fine, fine, hurry inside and be seated.”

The whole examination hall burst into laughter momentarily.

Since we are all not your students, if everyone laughs .Then, punishment cannot be meted out when everyone is an offender.

The male teacher expression turned unsightly. After Li Mu had his admission ticket checked and verified by the female teacher, nearly all the students in the examination hall were looking at him with worship as he strode into the hall. Walking over to an empty table, checked the serial number on the table, and then sat down after verifying his name.


“Hey, brother, you are too awesome!” A fat guy who sat behind Li Mu used his pen to poke Li Mu. His admiration for Li Mu were overflowing from his speech and expression.

Li Mu smiled at him, not saying anything, his head was now thinking about the upcoming English examination.

The voice of the fatty was not considered soft, his voice was detected by the male teacher who wore an ugly expression, his rage suddenly burst out, pointed towards the fatty and threatened, “Whispering is not permitted during an examination, otherwise you will be dealt with as cheating!”

“F**k!” With Li Mu’s previous performance, this fatty was eager to try it out, furthermore, he was someone who wouldn’t hold back, and retaliated with a rhetorical question “Were the examination papers given out yet? Since the examinations papers were not given yet, you already deemed me as cheating, this is making a slanderous accusation, be careful that I might just go to the Teaching Association and lodge a complaint about you!”

“You……” The male teacher almost spat blood out, damn it, today he was really unlucky, he was being threatened and ridiculed in front of the crowd by this two students, and he simply could not say anything to fight back, the test papers had not been given out, and saying that someone was cheating was indeed wrong.

It could be seen that the awareness of the female teacher was better, she helped to resolve the dispute by saying, “Enough, Xiao Wang, quickly give out the examination papers, we are already late by a minute.”

The male teacher nodded angrily and started to arrange the examination papers with the other 2 teachers.

At this moment, the drenched Li Mu began to receive paper napkins from all directions some of them were strips directly torn off the cover of the examination writing paper and rolled into a ball, obviously, It was done by a male, there were also some facial wipe among them.

Li Mu thanked everyone, and managed to dry his face and arm dry with some difficulty, regarding his drenched lower body, there was not enough napkins so he might as well ignore it.

As he waited for the exam papers, Li Mu looked at his own photo on the admission ticket, there were signs of a black fuzz growing around his mouth, it was really the younger version of him.

Extending his arms, and gently caressing the bumpy desk, the sensation from the belly of his fingertips were incomparably distinct, there were traces of carved artworks from people in the past, and some lines of words, but in his eyes, it was all inverted.

As he explored downwards, he realized that the table had been inverted, he could not feel the compartment below the table from his side, this was a rule put in place to prevent cheating in an era of students.

Li Mu was extremely regretful, it really was the college exams! The old broken desk, the narrow and long wooden bench, this feeling of weariness as one rested on his butt on it came back to him again after 10 years as if he returned back, it was all so familiar to him.

In his previous life, being a science major, Li Mu’s Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology were not too bad, and under the influence of his father’s love for Literature, Li Mu’s mother tongue was slightly better, but his English was always lacking.

Under normal circumstances, with an English test having a total score of 150 points, if he performed well, Li Mu was able to achieve a score above 100 points, even though his English was somewhat lacking, he would always obtain a score of 560 points and above for his mock exams, if it was not for the car accidents, then he would be prepared.

If his initial English score managed to be 10 or 15 points more, he would be more than willing to enter a tier-1 engineering college, and not tarnish his records, and if his English obtained a score of more than 120 points, then he would be able to enter a prestigious university.

In his previous life, he entered a tier-2 college, and chose to become a programmer. It was only when he started coding in university, he then truly understood the importance of English.

All the programming language were written in English, and in the 21st century, most of the foreign big tech giants had not converted their programming system into Chinese yet. If one’s English was bad then, it was simply impossible to use it.

From the point, Li Mu started to cram hard for his English, not only did he obtained a level 6 certificate in his proficiency in English during his school breaks, he continued to study English on his own after graduating.

There was a gap of fifteen years between the future Li Mu and the college exams. The English, literature and classical Chinese syllabus for the college exam was somewhat forgotten. While those complicated mathematical formulas were thoroughly forgotten, he did not even remember anything about the scientific content asked in the papers. If the rebirth occured at the start of the exams, it would really be a miracle for him to achieve a total score of 150 points for all 3 subjects.

Fortunately, the heavens favored him greatly, although the start point of his rebirth was somewhat miserable, but it was considered acceptable according to what he been through.

English was the last college examination, Chinese, Maths and the Sciences had all been completed.

Li Mu quickly did a mental calculation using the total score of his previous life to deduct the 49 points from the past English test, in other words, he managed to obtained 486 points from the 3 subjects then.

Now that he had 486 points in the bag, as long he passed the English test, he would be able to freely select any of the tier-1 college.

At this moment, the English papers were handed out, the female teacher then reminded everyone that there were 3 minutes to the start of the English Listening comprehension test.

Li Mu quickly threw those thoughts out of his head, and quickly skimmed over the cover of the entire English test.

He could not remember what was tested for the English test, but after he skimmed through the cover once, Li Mu felt slightly relieved. He dare not say about other words, but as he looked over the English test’s cover, there was not a single English word that he did not recognize, being able to do so would definitely allow him to achieve a score of ninety points with ease.

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