Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 71

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Chapter 71— This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (71)

Old enemies and new enemies had all gathered together. Lu Qisheng wanted to rip open the other’s heart and swallow it whole. With the help and cooperation of the other bases, he also increased the manpower to search the entire area surrounding and within S city, leaving no stone unturned. Most alarming was the fact that the other side had already obtained the zombie king’s crystal nucleus and would likely immediately begin upgrading. Zombies were not like humans, who needed to extract the energy within the crystal nucleus before using it. Instead, zombies could directly enter a state of upgrade through the crystal nucleus. However, the process would fail if the zombies were disturbed during the period of upgrade, and the higher the grade of the crystal nucleus, the longer the upgrade period would be. For the zombie king’s high-level nucleus, it would need to be digested for at least an entire month!

And so, the bases thought they could definitely use this timeframe to find their opponent and make them surrender.

The entire S city was turned upside down to find these people. At this moment, Shen Mubai was inside a deeply hidden cave, staring at the male lead who was just like he had sank into a state of hibernation, sighing for the third time today.

Huo Junhan had entered the final upgrade in advance. Previously, when he had entered S base, his internal energy had already begun to show signs of instability, so much that collapses within his body had already started to appear. However, it was ruthlessly suppressed by Huo Junhan, and even the system had not sensed any of these oddities.

Therefore, after obtaining the zombie king’s crystal nucleus, Huo Junhan immediately absorbed it into his body, and entered advancement. Today was the third day.

Even while constantly fighting to control the energy inside his body, Huo Junhan still first found a month’s worth of food for Shen Mubai before entering his final upgrade. Shen Mubai, rejoicing that he hadn’t forgotten her, squatted at a distance of five meters away from the male lead and said to the system, “Honestly speaking, I’m actually really touched.”

The system replied, “So?”

Shen Mubai had spat out a whole carpet of pistachio shells by her feet. “So when will we leave this world?”

The system, “ …” It had truly underestimated her.

Shen Mubai stroked her round belly as she spoke, not feeling anything wrong with her words, “Didn’t the male lead already enter his final upgrade? How come I’m still in this world?”

The system told her, “The mission progress is ninety-nine percent. There is still one percent left.”

Shen Mubai thought about it. One percent sounded like a little while more wouldn’t make much difference… Then she also remembered that there were still a lot of snacks that she had not opened, and simply threw the thought to the back of her mind.

On the fifth day of Huo Junhan’s upgrade, Shen Mubai received the sound of the system’s notification.

“There is a group of people nearby searching for Huo Junhan’s tracks.”

The place that the male lead had found was extremely difficult to find in every single aspect. However, unexpectedly, there was an ability user from another base inside that group. His ability was extremely special, and he had been very well-protected by his base. During this operation, this base specially took him out with them. Although he could not instantly sense Huo Junhan’s presence, he could still able to feel that this place had a different aura.

Seeing that this group of ability users had almost stumbled onto them, Shen Mubai secretly left the cave and used various features of the geography to divert this group’s attention. And also because of this, as a result, she exposed herself.

Knowing very well that she could not get caught by this group of people, Shen Mubai, in the course of running, still led them towards another direction.

“System, has the mission progress reached a hundred percent yet?” Panting, Shen Mubai did not forget to ask the system about the mission progress.

The system replied, “No, not yet.”

Shen Mubai ran until her legs had softened.

“I’m so tired, don’t want to run anymore.”

The system told her, “Hurry, behind you there are several zombies who have caught up with you.”

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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