Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 72

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Chapter 72— This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (72)

As soon as Shen Mubai heard these words, her legs no longer weakened, as she ran forward with all her strength.

And then…she was shot.

That group of people recognized her as the girl following Huo Junhan from before. They had originally wanted to capture her alive and injure her leg. Making her unable to run would be enough, but they hadn’t expected that a pig teammate would actually emerge from within their midst, clumsily aiming at the wrong spot and shooting through her heart.

Shen Mubai’s face was pale as she lowered her head to look at the left side of her chest, which was unceasingly dripping blood. She might as well just lie down on and await her death but still didn’t forget to ask the system, “Did I fail my task?”

The system said, “No. The mission already reached one hundred percent a moment ago.”

Shen Mubai was in so much pain her eyes gleamed with tears. “System, my heart hurts so much.”

The system sang, “Pain, pain, fly away, fly away, let me blow it away.”

Shen Mubai: “…You’re treating me like a fool now?”

The mission had reached one hundred percent, and Shen Mubai was about to leave her body. She seemed to hear the male lead faintly in the distance. That voice carried an emotion that she couldn’t comprehend.

Before she was able to open her eyes and see clearly, the sound of the system’s notification rang out in her mind, and her entire person completely broke away from this world.

No one had expected that the man who was originally supposed to be in the middle of a  month-long upgrade would not only use merely five days to completely absorb the Zombie King’s entire crystal, but also showed no signs whatsoever of having emerged from an intense battle only a few days ago. This group of people became a little panicked, but this supposedly monstrous man actually turned away from them and completely disregarded their existence, instead walking over to the bleeding girl slumped over on the ground.

Just as they wanted to take advantage of the situation to retreat, the man who originally had his back facing them slowly turned his head. Those ice-cold blue eyes were dyed red in a split second. An extremely horrifying and terrible aura erupted from his whole body.

Among all of the troops S city had dispatched for the search, none returned alive. In one night, the ability users from S city who had participated in this operation incurred heavy casualties and were nearly completely wiped out. In addition, S city’s leaders were also killed one after the other.

The ability users from the other bases who were lucky enough to survive were barely able escape by the skin of their teeth and gave S city a wide berth from then on.

While Qin Yifeng was in the middle of traveling to S city with Shen Changqing, the leader of the team that Shen Mubai left, he ran into quite a few troubles. After being delayed for a time, they prepared to continue proceeding to S city. However, this time, they heard some rumors regarding S city, and had no choice but to once again take another detour.

They hadn’t expected to end up meeting the man of the rumors at this place.

Although in the past, they had known in their hearts that the other side’s strength and aura was not simple by far, they were still very shaken for a long time after hearing the truth.

And now, the man in the distance seemed not to have felt their existence, walking ahead just as he had before. His clean and noble aura seemed incompatible with his surroundings. And at his back, a young lady followed closely behind him.

Qin Yifeng’s mood was complicated. Originally, his heart had really been moved. After hearing the news of the girl’s death, he had even been depressed for some time. But right now, that young lady not only hadn’t died, she even appeared in front of him as a living, breathing person. Only, she was still together with that man like before.

“Wait…something’s wrong…”

His peaceful face changed slightly, and he opened his mouth with some difficulty, “Look closely at the way she’s walking…”

As soon as those people heard him, they carefully observed the girl’s movements. When they discovered something out of order, their hearts felt a faint sense of horror.

The man in front of them slightly tilted his head to the side. Stopping his steps, he became aware of the slightly uncoordinated movements of the girl as she walked to him.

The girl’s clothing was completely clean, but it couldn’t hide her abnormal deathly white pallor. Her milky eyes somewhat bulged as her bloodily gaping mouth let out a strange sound, revealing her terror.

That was an instinct that could never be suppressed.

The instinctive fear of a low-level zombie towards a high-level zombie.

The man slightly lowered his eyelids. In a flash, his icy blue eyes were fixed on the girl before him without blinking. Then, he pulled her hand into his.

The girl couldn’t help but tremble slightly, not daring to make any movement.

The two figures slowly disappeared from view. However, no one missed the gaze the man shot over at the last moment.

Cold sweat flowed down their backs. That scene of the man stepping forward to grasp the hand of the zombie girl was deeply imprinted in their minds.

Under the man’s unconditional pampering, the zombie girl had somewhat adapted to the terrifying aura that emitted from the man’s body. Under the other’s beckoning, she obediently moved her head under the man’s hand. Her white eyes motionlessly stared at the man.

When the time came for her to eat, the girl couldn’t stop a light green glow from surfacing in her milky eyes. Her bloody maw opened wide as she bit down on the man’s shoulder, greedily chewing his flesh.

The man’s face did not change, as he slightly lowered his eyelids. His gaze fell on the girl’s pale, slightly green neck, where there lay a scar left by a deep bite mark.

That was the bite mark that he had given her at the time of her death. The noise of an unceasing chewing sounded by his ear. Today, the girl seemed to have become somewhat greedy. After eating for a full five minutes, she still hadn’t stopped her movements.

Huo Junhan used one of his hands to slowly support the girl’s head. No emotion could be seen from his slightly lowered eyes. Along with the crisp sounds of crunching, the girl’s throat finally let out the sound of a short “hehe.” Her white eyes violently quivered. She didn’t seem to understand why the man that lifted her to the skies, would kill her with his own hands.

The man indifferently gazed at the girl as her body slowly toppled over. When she finally ceased moving, he then leaned towards her corpse, tightly hugging it to his chest.

His icy blue eyes were dyed with a layer of red as he slightly hung his head, intimately laying his face on the hollow of the girl’s neck. His lips softly, lowly uttered a single phrase, “Like…like…like you.”

The terrifying aura spread out over his entire body. The man stood up with the girl held in his embrace lying safe and secured in his arms. The world collapsed behind him.

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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