Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 70

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Chapter 70— This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (70)

This time, the number of high ability users that had come from A Base was not small. Seeing their base’s leader and his most competent subordinate turn and flee, their faces all became panicked and at a loss, but they still reacted quickly to shield the two people inside their formation. At the very least, they had five hundred people.

A part of the other bases’s people were also affected by the mood. Some didn’t understand and even believed it was because that monster’s strength was too great. The situation became chaotic.

At any rate, at least the main forces of the bases remained. It took them less than a minute to get the place under control. Even though Lu Qisheng and the other leaders of the bases were unclear on the strength of the other side, but under the attention of so many people, they did not succumb to their nerves. Although this monster was who knows how many times more powerful than the Zombie King, adding up the people from the different bases, they still had at the very least several thousand people. And on top of that, at the moment when the Zombie King had escaped, they had already had people return to S base to call for more support.

Using the fastest speed, they deployed new battle formations. One after another, more than a hundred ability users encircled the man in the center, and large scale firearms had also already been prepared, which included the high altitude fighter aircrafts who had also quickly finished their preparations for battle.

Finally, the greatly feared and dreaded man took his first step. He carried an indifferent, ruthless, and tyrannical killing intent between his cold, stern brows and eyes. His blood-red pupils and abnormal, deathly pale complexion cast a monstrous light on his handsomeness. His left hand was entirely steeped in red and black blood, which slowly trickled down his fingers and dripped down, soaking the dust on the ground.

This step of his was felt by everyone at the scene. The nerves that had been stretched taut for a long time were like a drawn bow, finally loosened at this moment. All of the firearms and cold weapons were fired towards that man standing in the center of the large encirclement. At the same time, those high-level ability users were not to be outdone, aiming at the target and attacking with their abilities.

Everything advanced orderly under the bases’ command. The close circle of gunfire encircling the man fired without pause. Even if he did not die under this kind of circumstances, he likely wouldn’t be much better off.

Because their minds were dominated by the fear of that killing intent, all of their faces exposed a frantically crazy expression. No one noticed that inside the smoke and fire of the artillery, the tall and nimble figure of that man had long since disappeared.

It wasn’t until, among a burst of terrified shouts and yells, that those people returned to their senses. The faint franticness and excitement on their faces were gradually replaced by another expression. They only saw that, right now, that group of people from A city who had originally retreated to the back, were withdrawing even further, and all of them carried expressions of panic and alarm.

Under the hands of this man who seemed to have emerged from hell, the well-shielded leader of A city and that competent subordinate of his had their hearts pierced through, their brains crushed into bits, and finally, while they were still alive, had been turned into pulped flesh.

There seemed to be some kind of invisible barrier surrounding him that cut apart all of the ability users’ attacks. Those blood-red pupils seemed to have deepened again a few points, and a red ray of light flashed through them.

Today, several bases had united to encircle and annihilate the Zombie King. Not only did they not succeed, someone else had even gotten there before them. Under the gaze of so many people, that monstrous man had eluded the attacks of over a thousand ability users, killed A city’s leader as well as several of their main force, and finally, in full view of everyone, vanished without a trace.

AdvertisementThis incident created fear and covetous longing from the powers of various regions on all sides. After all, the terrifying strength from the other side threaten the existence of all mankind, but also, if they could capture him alive and use him for research, they would definitely be able to obtain previously unimagined breakthroughs. And after one of S city’s leaders, Li Qisheng, returned to the base, he discovered that not only had his young son died tragically, the person who had caused his death was precisely that monstrous man. And this monstrous man, was A city’s original leader during the beginning of the apocalypse: Huo Junhan!

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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