Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 69

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Chapter 69— This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (69)

The Zombie King’s vitality, which had already been sapped by playing with a couple bases, was completely depleted after fighting with Huo Junhan. It had originally thought that, under the interference of the bases’ ability users, it could take advantage of the situation and flee in order to preserve its life, but it didn’t expect that this man would be so incredibly fast and could so quickly catch up.

Right now, the Zombie King swiftly entered its upgrade phase in order to level up. Although it had been injured, it was still the king of the high-level zombies after all. Under the pressure of the other party, its strength increased dramatically, its speed became even faster than lightning.

It no longer felt the aura of that terrible man. A thread of cunning satisfaction slipped through the Zombie King’s greenish eyes, and the corners of its mouth split apart into a monstrous curve. Even though it was conceited, it definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to throw away its life. As for the humiliation that it had suffered here because of that man, as long as it was able to escape this time, it would pay him back twice as much in the future.

It wasn’t until the sound of a “pop” echoed out that the Zombie King realized its foolishness. When it looked down, it saw a slender, wide hand jutting out from the left side of its chest, stained with a black and red liquid, like a demon’s claws.

The indifferent gaze of the expressionless man seemed to pierce through the Zombie King. His blood-red eyes carried within them an icy, cold temperature. Quiet and still, his eyes alone could make a person tremble in terror.

The hand that was inside the chest moved. Huo Junhan slightly lowered his eyes, and took out a blood-red crystal nucleus from the badly mangled body of the Zombie King. From the beginning to the end, he was frighteningly quiet, and his countenance did not reveal the slightest bit of anxiousness or uncertainty, resembling the calculated coldness of a machine.

Every zombies’s crystal nucleus was in their skull, including those of the high-level zombies. However, no one knew that the Zombie King’s crystal nucleus was in the left side of his chest!

With its dying breath, the Zombie King finally understood! Originally, this man rushed over precisely for its crystal nucleus! So the fight just now was clearly just sounding him out!

Its green pupils were filled with red blood vessels, and its eyes almost popped out from how bitterly remorseful it was! It had underestimated its opponent’s strength, acting like a conceited monkey! Now, its previous sense of supreme pride from battling those bases had completely vanished, like smoke dispersing in the air. Only emotions of unwillingness and fear remained!

It let out a howl of extreme sorrow. It didn’t even have the time to make any last struggle before its death. A large hand crushed the Zombie King’s brain to pieces, and its corpse fell down, collapsing onto the floor and splattering it with the red and black fluid of its brains.

Naturally, the several leaders and ability users who had been chasing them all along also saw this scene, and looked back at the man in front of them with eyes full of terror.

As the Zombie King’s body fell, the other side slowly turned around. A pair of crimson pupils glared at the ability users, or perhaps he was staring in a particular direction.

Shockingly, simply no difference could distinguished from that extremely handsome silhouette from other humans. If it weren’t for the fact that this man had killed the Zombie King and possessed those blood-red pupils, no matter who it was, no one would have thought that what was beneath this person’s skin was so extremely terrifying!

As a result, A city’s leader now stared at the man in front of him with eyes that were even more alarmed and horrified. Immediately, his entire face became as white as a sheet of paper, and his legs weakened. If it weren’t for the subordinate besides him supporting him, he was afraid that he might have fallen over.

The man behind him was so shocked his complexion lost all color, as he trembled and shook, he spat out, “Huo Junhan…he actually didn’t die!”

A city’s leader and this man had been the masterminds behind the plot to kill Huo Junhan. At that time, these two people had been confident that the other side would definitely be gnawed to death inside that pack of zombies. Now, not only did he not die, he even killed the Zombie King!

These two were also people who cherished their lives, and disregarding the looks from other people, immediately turned around and fled with panicked faces.

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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