Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (67)

Lu Zhihai’s brains spilled out in a pool of murky flesh and blood, and his eyeballs were dislocated from their sockets. A cool, icy voice echoed from above, “Ah.”

Huo Junhan’s half-lidded blood-red pupils indifferently swept past this appallingly tragic corpse. He tilted his head as the corners of his mouth casually curved into an indecipherable smirk. “How can just you be enough?”

And Lu Zhihai had even wanted to obtain her.

The Zombie King’s pupils, submersed in green, became darker and darker as the immensely attractive smell of blood drew closer and closer.

Moving rapidly towards the source of the smell, it finally saw a little girl crouching down in the distance.

It let out a monstrous sound from its chest. The Zombie King had finally found the owner of the fragrant blood. Its maw split open joyfully, exposing its black, rotting teeth and releasing a sour stench. It looked completely terrifying, a monstrous sight to behold.

At this time, Shen Mubai was throwing a tantrum and trying to provoke sympathy from the system as she cried pitifully. Suddenly, she heard the system give a warning, “Host, please take care! The Zombie King is currently approaching your position!”

Shen Mubai whimpered and was just about to start crying out loud, when she suddenly thought of something, and said, “System, didn’t I have a golden finger?”

The system replied, “Where did that golden finger of yours come from?”

With tears glistening in her eyes, Shen Mubai answered, “From you, of course.”

The system became silent. It felt like this was all part of a meticulously planned scheme plotted by Shen Mubai against it. According to the rules established by the higher authorities, it was unable to give the host too much assistance. As a result, it said, “Take advantage of this time while the Zombie King has not arrived, and escape this place immediately. Then, stop the bleeding from your wound and delay until the male lead returns.”

Reacting quickly, Shen Mubai swiftly started looking for a place to escape to. There were many factories in the suburbs of Nancheng, but most were overgrown with weeds due to the lack of care over the past few months. Her brain filtered through many of the books she had read before, and finally found a type of herbal medicine amongst the weeds that could staunch bleeding. Using the fastest speed possible to crush it into pieces, she desperately pressed it to the cut on her lip.

The smell of the herbal medicine covered up the slight scent of blood, and confused the Zombie King’s orientation.

Puzzled, the Zombie King paused where it was at for a few seconds, before its shiny, hairless head turned, and its pale face revealed a grotesque smile. Filled with an insatiable craving, its eyes reflected a hint of slyness.

As sudden as a clap of thunder, it swiftly oriented itself and darted off. The girl’s body was exposed in its line of sight. It extended its claws and was about to pounce in a blink of an eye.

After all, when all was said and done, Shen Mubai’s body was only human. To begin with, regardless of how much she tried to suppress the sound of her breathing, under the Zombie King’s deliberate attention, she would still have revealed her position.

Shen Mubai heard the system’s frantic voice and watched in horror as the Zombie King’ advanced, but remained frozen. She could only stare blankly at the other party as they progressed towards the entrance in front of her.

In this time of imminent peril, the shadow of a figure appeared and intercepted that unbearably filthy claw, matching the Zombie King’s speed.

When it realized that the cooked duck which had almost reached its mouth had been taken away, the Zombie King was extremely disgruntled. From its throat, it let out a resonant howl. It had been angered.

Previously, it had already detected a marking scent from the body of its prey. Without a doubt, there was already an existence as powerful as itself who had claimed the girl, branding this prey from head to toe as its own.

The Zombie King was nothing if not conceited. It did not believe that this existence could threaten itself, so it naturally also wouldn’t put the other party in its eyes.

However, facing each other now, its opponent seemed to emit an aura that made it feel a sense of dread.

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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