Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (66)

A dirt-green armored car traveled down the narrow gorge. Because of the urgent and terrified frame of mind of the driver, the jerking movements of the car made an ear-piercing, gravelly sound. The body of the car also swayed irregularly.

After being manipulated by a few ability users, the firearms installed on the armored car unceasingly fired towards the figure behind them. After Lu Zhihai gave the order, a couple ability users immediately aimed at the girl inside the man’s arms.

Under this state of panic and alarm, however, they had all overlooked a big problem: according to the man’s speed and strength, which could easily defeat that of high-level zombies, how could he not catch up to a single armored car?

It was a pity that everyone in this group had been consumed by hysteria. They only thought they could survive by killing the other party and making it out alive. If one said that they previously still had a strand of reason, right now, nothing was left. There was only a group of delusional fools overtaken by panic and the wish to live.

With beads of sweat rolling down their forehead and teeth slightly trembling, an ability user spoke up loudly, “Young master Hai, his speed is too fast, we have no way to aim at that woman in his arms!”

Lu Zhihai looked inside the rearview mirror. Their opponent was like a monster—not only was he completely unaffected, he was also able to maintain his incredible speed. He became closer and closer with every step. Luzhihai’s neck was red with anger and the blue veins on his forehead seemed as if they would burst out of his skin as he roared roughly, “Increase the firepower for this master! All of it!”

As soon as the ability users heard him, they clenched their jaws, hands working faster and faster. This time, nearly all of their firearms were simultaneously fired towards the same target.

A loud explosion sounded, and thick smoke rolled out in plumes. As they drove out a little further, they no longer saw that ominous figure anymore.

A few ability users showed a happy expression, including Lu Zhihai.

The relief on his face didn’t even last for three seconds before it froze and fell apart.

He saw the thick smoke split, and a tall figured appeared emerged from it. Seeming to perceive their stares, the other party lifted their head slightly. That pair of blood-red pupils stared fixedly over at them.

No one knew how their opponent could have survived. A tremendous cracking sound rang out as metal was deformed and tore open. The outer shell of the dirt-green armored car had been ripped apart by a pair of slender hands.

The ability users froze in disbelief, staring blankly towards the zombie that towered above them. Inside his crimson eyes lied an expressionless, mechanical iciness.

A kind of indescribable fear and terror spread out from each ability user’s spine and extended upwards. Their entire body’s blood flow reversed, and they felt like they were being tightly squeezed by a giant hand. They could only give up all hope and suffocate as they met their death forever frozen in the same positions and with the same expressions.

The car abruptly slammed into an obstruction in front. Lu Zhihai’s forehead was smashed in, and his blood spurted out like a river. Even so, he wasn’t able to make a single sound, his entire body trembling like a leaf. Convulsing with fear, he twisted his body and wanted to crawl out of the car.

A hand lifted his collar. The fingers, fair like jade, had some specks of blood left on them. It almost seemed like he hadn’t used much strength, and had just lightly and easily made the other side turn around.

The sounds of deep pants of “ha, ha” came out from Lu Zhihai’s throat. His eyes stared in terror at the man before him, who was even more terrifying than the demon Asura. “What do you want to do? If you kill me, my father won’t let you go, and S base won’t let you go either! You really care about that woman, right? If you kill me, then she….”

The words were caught in his throat from one searing glare from the other party. Lu Zhihai only felt himself being forcefully thrusted against the ground, then the crunch of shattering bone. Ultimately, he died a without an intact corpse. Eyes staring wide open even in death, his face was forever contorted wretchedly in hate and fear.


Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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