Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 68

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Chapter 68— This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (68)

The Zombie King slightly squinted its eyes then let out a howl. The sharp, shrieking sound was loud enough to pierce through the sky and echo out in all four directions, alarming a group of low-level zombies and scaring them away.

However, the complexion of the man in front of him did not change a bit. His blood-red pupils did not contain a single strand of warmth—there was a terrifying iciness buried in his gaze.

A haze of jealousy swiftly flashed through the Zombie King’s greenish eyes. He naturally knew that both he and this man before him were the same kind. However, this man was different from all of the other high-level zombies that he had previously met, his entire body emitting a powerful aura. He was even able to maintain this unblemished appearance that could even deceive the heavens and across the oceans, concealing himself within human society.

Although it still possessed some conceitedness before, now, an intense sense of competitiveness and dread rose from the heart of the Zombie King, who had exchanged the first blows with the other party.

The two zombies fought for many rounds. To outsiders, the battle could not be seen clearly with the naked eye.

The male lead and Zombie King travelled further and further as they fought, and the more they fought, the fiercer they were. Shen Mubai shivered as she squatted in a corner.

The system: “Well done, you were so brave…”

Shen Mubai didn’t dare to turn around to look, so she said, “System, they’ve fought to this point, who has the upper hand?”

The system said, “The Zombie King.”

Shen Mubai’s legs softened very uselessly. She whimpered and was just about to start crying when she heard the system say, “The odds have changed.”

Shen Mubai: “…”

After a while, she asked faintly, “System, isn’t it very amusing to play with me?”

The system replied, “It’s not very fun, only so-so.”

Shen Mubai, “…” She was done for, this system really has become self-aware.

After the Zombie King had escaped the net, the complexion of the leaders and the ability users had undergone great changes. However, they quickly came to the conclusion that perhaps the Zombie King had looked for an opportunity to escape because it had been grievously injured, and their hearts instantly gained confidence.Therefore, they had decided to take advantage of their so-called success and continue their pursuit.

This time, if they let the Zombie King escape, next time, the problem would definitely become worse and the Zombie King might become even more powerful. Moreover, to say nothing of the fact that the minds of high-level zombies were by nature sly and treacherous, just by looking at this Zombie King it was clear that it had a character that would definitely take revenge over small grievances. Therefore, it was even more impossible to give it the possibility of escape.

The large net that had trapped the Zombie King not only contained a powerful electric current, it also brought with it a unique scent. Bringing along an ability user with an extremely keen sense of smell, they followed the trail and chased after the Zombie King. In the distance, they saw flashes of two shadows in the midst of a fierce confrontation.

More than half of the ability users at the scene turned pale at the sight. After verifying that one of the shadows was the Zombie King, they felt even more utterly shocked.

Originally, one Zombie King was already tricky enough. Now that another evenly matched opponent appeared, their faces warped in horror.

Fortunately, the circumstances right now were obvious. Even though they didn’t know if that other party would end up being another “Zombie King,” they were still quite glad to see both potential threats looking like they were fighting until their last breath.

What was the saying, “the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind”? This situation was precisely the very definition of the proverb.

These bases wanted to plot a good scheme. Taking advantage of Zombie King’s desperate, life-or-death duel with the other zombie, they would draw in their net in one stroke.

As for the heart of the Zombie King who was currently fighting with Huo Junhan, it was full of fear and panic. It was originally just about to enter it upgrade phase, and as long as it succeeded, its strength would become many times stronger than it was now. Recently, this was the period of time when its strength was at its peak. Meeting with the collaborative encirclement of several bases, no great harm of any kind came to it. After it smelled that scent of blood, it was to the point that it stopped playing around with the mice and rushed over swiftly because it knew that this flesh would be of great assistance to his upgrade.

However, when it realized how powerful this man was, it felt a deep regret. After these people from the bases ran over, a sly thought slipped into its mind. Its greenish eyes revolved. At the moment when these people made their move, it wanted to seize the opportunity to turn around and escape.

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Editor: Elaine

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