Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (61)

Lu Zhihai’s team consisted of many capable users. After receiving orders from their leader, they cooperated to secretly lead the zombies in the direction of Huo Junhan.

The opponent was only a level two user, so even though a few zombies couldn’t do much harm, if a horde came after Huo Junhan, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Five senior users signaled to each other and slowly made their way towards Huo Junhan. Since they’d come this far, they knew that Lu Zhihai would not be pacified until he got his hands on the the girl. Lu Zhihai no longer hid his intentions as he stepped forward under the protection of his subordinates, and with a triumphant smile on his face, he shouted, “What’s this? I didn’t think you would die here today!”

He looked at the girl’s delicate little face, ambiguously saying, “Little beauty, quickly come here, otherwise those zombies will attack once they see you! Return with me to the base, I can give you twice as much as what he is giving you now. He can’t give you anything! Whatever you want, I will try my best to attain it, even if it is the stars in the sky. As long as you wish for it, you will get it. You can’t say no.”

At the end of his speech, brutally cold eyes abruptly glared in his direction. There was no hiding the murderous intent coming his way.

The ability users’ faces changed as they looked at Huo Junhan with barely concealed fear.

Previously he gave off the impression that he was only a level two thunder user, now it seemed that he had stripped off his skin and revealed his true strength. His oppression increased the more he stared, causing the users to take a step back.

Shen Mubai was speechless when she heard Lu Zhihai. Picking stars? She really couldn’t understand. But looking at Lu Zhihai, she understood that his IQ was not that high.

“System, why does he want to kill Huo Junhan?” He’s been targeting them and scheming against them for so long, he should know the consequences of meddling with the male lead.

System: “He thinks of the male lead as an eyesore.”

Shen Mubai: “What an insensible man.”

System: “….” Before you speak ill of others, please take a look at yourself.

Huo Junhan had intentionally concealed his own strength. Otherwise, when he entered Nancheng, these zombies would not appear and the mission could not be completed. He wanted to take Shen Mubai away from the base after the mission, but now he felt like he needed to deal with these lowly humans before he did.

His ice-blue eyes contained no warmth as he stared at Lu Zhiahi, his killing intentions no longer concealed but let loose. If not for Shen Mubai next to him, these people would have been dead a thousand times over.

The zombies that were being led towards Huo Junhan were all ghastly. Their mouths dripping remains of their latest meals. But when they sensed Huo Junhan, they stopped. Some even turned around and ran away trembling. The scene looked ridiculous, after all, in the world the live in now, the most terrifying and disastrous creatures were these zombies. They were ordinary zombies, following their desires blindly and eating humans. They feared no one but stronger zombies. And now they looked like mice running away from the cat.

The users, including Lu Zhihai, were stunned. They couldn’t believe it. They looked at the man with fear and confusion in their eyes.

The air shifted and a user caught something in the corner of his eye. He turned pale and yelled at Lu ZhiHai, “Young master Hai!”

AdvertisementLu Zhihai raised his head, only to see more than thirty high-ranking zombies had surrounded them. Encircling their group like torches. 1

The face of all the users present drastically changed, sweating profusely.


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