Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (62)

“Young master Hai?” A level-six user spoke up, he was the strongest user on the team and had done many tasks before, but never before has he felt this scared. His legs almost turned soft.

Cold sweat ran down everyone’s forehead, the air was so still that they didn’t dare say a word. All the users were stiff in their spots.

Run? Don’t talk about running away, they dare not even move!

If there were only a few high-ranking zombies, they might have had a chance to survive. But there were over 30 high-ranking zombies here!

Lu Zhihai completely discarded the idea of killing Huo Junhan. He almost peed his pants under the glares of these zombies. His face covered in horror, he shouted, “Quick! Hurry up and cover me!”

The original tense and suffocating scene was broken, like a sudden thunderstorm in the prairie. Most of the users present jumped at the sudden order, their faces convulsing. They cursed Lu Zhihai for eighteen generations and hoped he died nine deaths.1

However, the thirty high-ranking zombies still remained in place, not even moving an inch. The users became aware that something was wrong after the zombies didn’t move even after hearing Lu Zhihai’s panicked shout. They peeked at the zombies and saw their pale eyes filled with endless desire and greed, staring directly at the girl in the man’s arms.

Immediately the users responded to this sudden information and yelled, “Young master Hai! They’ve come for that woman! Let’s get out of here!”

As soon the rest of the team heard this, they looked at each other and quickly retreated from the group, trying to escape. But they were too naive. Although these zombies were not interested in these humans, they had no intention to let food slip under their nose.

Ten or so users were instantly killed after being recaptured by some of the high-ranked zombies. At the same time, the zombies who were focused on Shen MuBai, eagerly pounced on the pair.

High-ranking zombies have self-governing brains, different from humans but also not quite like normal zombies. They were tricky and adaptable, and the higher the rank the more difficult they were to deal with. Just by smelling a little bit of blood could they sense the power the person held.

They knew that there was a powerful existence protecting the girl, so it was impossible to take her alone. They came up with a plan to join together to take out the man they feared, and then fight each other for the girl. They knew that the man was strong, but the desire to obtain a free upgrade was greater. 2

Huo Junhan raised his eyes slightly, the blood red in his pupils was distinct. His face remained expressionless, a terrible aura emitted from his body.

Shen Mubai shivered a little and hid in his arms, clinging to him for dear life and wailing, “I’m too thin. I’m not delicious at all!”

Those zombies didn’t care if she was thin or not, they just continued to stare greedily at her, each one trying to jump her. Their speed was not to be taken lightly, only an afterimage could be seen after they moved. Huo Junhan was soon surrounded by all the zombies, some running straight at him.

Because the attention of these zombies had completely shifted towards Shen Mubai, Lu Zhihai, who had somehow managed to escape the chaos, climbed into an armored car with several of his surviving teammates.


VIS: Bruh, does Lu Zhihai even have a power? If he doesn’t then he has no reason to look down on people -.-

Editor: [UNEDITED] (I tried editing, Elaine come back I miss you)

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