Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 — This Male Lead Is a bit Crazy (60)

“Th-this man is definitely not simple. Just look into his eyes and you’ll feel like your soul is getting sucked out!”

“Yeah! There are many paper tigers 1 in this world, but look how useless they turned out to be. His life can’t go on longer. What’s more, he’s only a level two thunder user. Why can’t our higher levels beat him? Anyway, Young Master Hai already said, as long as everything goes according to plan, we can all have a big reward.”

“That’s true, but my heart still can’t settle down. Something big is about to happen.”

“F**k, you and your crow’s mouth! Shhh…Young Master Hai just looked over here.”

There were many factories in Nancheng, stretching out into the horizon. It used to be incredibly populated and lively, but tragedy had since racked through the city, leaving it a desolate and empty landscape.

After the whole team had gotten out of their cars, several zombies had been attracted to the noise and had come limping over, bringing with them the stench of blood and the sound of their terrible groans.

Lu Zhihai was not worried about these zombies; if they dared to come up to him, several of his own forces would step up and quickly dispose of them.

However, after these zombies were killed, another swarm of at least a dozen immediately appeared in the distance. Like flies attracted to blood, they swarmed around them.

Lu Zhihai, with an angry, gloomy expression, had his face lowered, blocking any prying eyes from guessing his thoughts. He looked up and waved to the most capable user in his team, quietly speaking into his ear.

After giving orders to his subordinate, Lu Zhihai painted a smile on his face as he finally put his plan into motion.

Several zombies had migrated towards Shen Mubai. However, each would stop about five meters away, hesitantly lingering before finally turning away and changing their course in the direction of the bigger team.

There was no need to even think about why—the male lead was known to exude a dangerous and threatening aura, and naturally, the zombies would not seek a second death by coming up to his front door.

Shen Mubai had been biting her lip, when a slightly metallic taste began to spread in her mouth. She cried, “System, I seem to have cut my mouth.”

The system was silent for a moment, probably praying to the gods for this hopeless child. “Stay with the male lead and don’t run off. He’s already found out about the cut.”

The faint scent of blood filtered through the air. Huo Junhan’s blue eyes darkened bloodlust once again. A primitive desire arose in his body, crying to be released. But he suppressed it.

He moved closer to Shen Mubai, bending down slightly, and reached out one of his perfectly sculpted hand. He lifted her chin and rubbed his thumb over her soft and tender lips. He frowned when he saw the tiny wound.

Violent, gloomy and ferocious, he continued to rub her lips. The man was regaining his thirst;  his hands wrapped around the girl’s slender waist and pulled her closer.

Although the outskirts of Nancheng had the highest population-density of zombies, there wasn’t a lot of movement from those zombies at this moment. As long as the teams were careful and stayed silent, there wouldn’t be a problem. That being said… Lu Zhihai needed those zombies to give Huo Junhan a proper burial.

He had had it all planned out. He gnashed his teeth at the sight of the intimate couple, with the man holding his beautiful woman in his arms. “I’d like to see how proud you’ll look when I come to take everything you have!”


VIS: Oooo, some drama. I wonder how the author is going to wrap things up now that there are only 12 chapters left :))

Editor: Elaine


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am on a hiatus UNTIL APRIL 20~ I have been studying for my college entrance exam and I really….REALLY need to do well LMAO. Cause this hoe broke and dumb so she need some moola, ya know? Anyway! Love ya, thanks for the support, I’m give yall a biggg surprise when I come back :3 and by surprise I mean finish this arc and give yall 10 chapters of the new arc (wow, I just made a promise I can NOT keep lmaooo jk it’s fine) 

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