Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 — This Male Lead Is a bit Crazy (59)

System: “Simply touching him isn’t going to infect you with the virus.”

Shen Mubai covered her sore lips. “But I licked him just now.”

System: “….Lick…hah???”

The system sounded strange but she didn’t mind it before saying, “When I knocked my teeth with his hand…I felt like I was touching ice…” She continued, “So, I licked it thinking it was ice.”

System: “…..” Retarded 1

Shen Mubai hesitantly cried out, “System, why aren’t you talking?!”

The system stayed silent… It felt like it couldn’t talk with her any longer.

But hearing the pitiful cries of this mentally handicapped host, the system responded quietly, “There is no virus on the man’s skin.”

With the much-needed assurance, Shen Mubai eased up and continued to happily pick at the fruits in the bag while sitting safely in the passenger seat.

As for the culprit of the crash, she didn’t even need to think to know who it was. Anyway, Huo Junhan’s killing intent was unleashed, so there was no use in thinking about that person any longer.

Lu Zhihai, who was originally feeling proud of himself, felt himself getting angry again. His handsome face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

He had shouted earlier thinking it would deter the man, but not only had the other side ignored him, he had even sped up.

He felt like his lungs were about to explode. He narrowed his eyes at the car in front of him, wishing he could stab the man that was driving.

The car accelerated again, and Lu Zhihai followed, chasing him frantically like a wild dog.

The speed of this armored vehicle was not to be laughed at. He shortened the distance once again and right as he was about to hit the car, the other side skillfully avoided it, lengthening the distance between the two cars once again.

Lu Zhihai had no time to react and almost lost control of the vehicle, barely managing to save it from being overturned… He had lost quite a bit of face in front of his subordinates.

One of the users couldn’t stand it any longer and said, “Young master, the other side is playing with us. Let me handle it.” Lu Zhihai wasn’t a fool—he could see what was happening, but he couldn’t control his anger.

“Mind your own business! This young master can do it on his own! Sit still.”

The subordinate’s face darkened, but he didn’t mention it again.

They continued this game of cat and mouse, but Lu Zhihai failed time and time again to attack, suffering more losses than gains. His face was alternated between colors of black and blue.

When they finally arrived on the outskirts of Nancheng, they stopped their cars and stepped out.

Among the many vehicles that followed Lu Zhihai, they all saw what had went down but didn’t mention it.

The car in front also stopped and two people alighted. The man, handsome and tall, had a presence that could not be ignored, and besides him stood a beautiful girl, whose figure looked more slender in contrast to the vast desert behind her.

A user couldn’t help but speak up. “I don’t know what’s going on, but ever since we got out of the car I’ve been worried… It feels like we’re walking to our deaths.”

“Bah, idiot! Keep your voice down, stop talking nonsense.”


VIS: Only death awaits. These last few chapters are gonna be a real buzz kill. Not gonna lie. We have 11-12 more chapters left, and I’m almost done tling this arc. **sigh** RIP everyone.

Editor: Elaine

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