Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (38)

Shen Mubai’s hands subconsciously shook. “Okay, got it.” (TL: ok garlic (SHINee))

The two soon went out and exchanged some of their nuclei for points.

There was also a marketplace in the base, and many people had set up stalls to sell their wares. Shen Mubai wanted to try her luck and had the system look for the third energy stone.

When they arrived, Shen Mumbai found that it was not as disorganized as she thought. It was clear that the space was carefully planned out: the distance between each stall was appropriately set and distinguished. There were many people coming and going.

Most of the shoppers were just looking around, and few would actually come up and buy. After all, this was the apocalypse, and money was useless. In this base, you needed to use precious points to purchase anything.

There were ordinary daily necessities: pots, ladles, pans, home decorations and so on. That being said, there was nothing edible being sold. Food was far too precious in everyone’s eyes.

Huo Junhan stood beside her from beginning to end, silently towering over her with an impassive face. His beauty caused a lot of women to stare and blush. But he was unresponsive to their bashful expressions, his cold blue eyes remained fixated on the girl standing beside him, as though afraid that he would lose her in a moment of inattentiveness.

Many envious gazes fell on the little girl, who remained clueless.

The stall owners were filled with enthusiasm when they saw the couple and tried to get them to buy this and that.

Shen Mubai found that what was considered valuable before the apocalypse couldn’t even be compared to a dry biscuit now.

After several rounds, the system failed to detect the energy stone.

The place suddenly became noisy as a voice filled with surprise said, “QingQing?” Shen Mubai was filled with uncertainty and shock, her expression becoming complicated as she turned and saw Su Yuqing not far away.

Su Yuqing’s heart also had mixed feelings. She cursed Song Qingqing, this bitch who wouldn’t die and instead came back looking better than she did. Most importantly, there was a handsome man besides her! His appearance, even the air around him, everything seemed to be powerful.

She was really jealous and resentful, ah! What happened? What did Song Qingqing have that she didn’t? At school, Song Qingqing only pretended to be pitiful and popular, but did they know her like she did?

She could not believe that Song Qingqing had won such a outstanding man without giving him any services. When she had first joined that group, Su Yuqing tried her best to please the leader, but the group had met with calamity and was wiped out. Fortunately, she had escaped and met a powerful user. The man took her to the base of S City. She thought she could live a good life with him, but who knew he would forget her the moment he saw a new woman? In a blink of an eye, he had fallen in love with another woman and she was kicked out. Her face was still useful so she seduced other users and survived in the base.

Now with this unexpected reunion, seeing Song Qingqing, not a single mark on her face, with a face that was tender and moved many people’s hearts, Su Yuqing was ready to die. She regretted abandoning her back then. She should have brought her along to give her a taste of the suffering she went through.

Greedy, beady eyes latched onto the extremely handsome man next to Shen Mubai.  Su Yuqing closed her eyes before raising her face and putting on a sad, pitiful look. She sauntered over to their side quickly.

VIS: Ewww, okay guys. The basic drama starts here. Get prepared  for the generic white lotus.

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