Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick

Thunder abilities were relatively rare, and it was even rarer to find a level two thunder user. The superiors of the base were elated to welcome people with such potential and immense powers—after all, the more powerful their members,  the more powerful their base would be. This man, Huo Junhan, had a great future.

The system had told Shen Mubai that the male lead had a golden finger given to him straight from the heavens, and his powers were unimaginable.

The situation she had feared didn’t happen, and instead, everything seemed to be held in the palm of Huo Junhan’s hand.

“System, what’s going on?” she asked.

System: “It seems that there’s nothing a powerful person like him can’t do.”

An ultimate boss.

Even during the physical examination, the inspectors couldn’t find any abnormalities; everything was normal.

After the two of them had successfully completed their tests, Huo Junhan didn’t even hesitate before he grabbed Shen Mubai and dragged her into the base. Because these two newbies were so high-tier, they attracted a lot of attention.

Inside the base, the treatment between ability users and ordinary people was not that different. If an ordinary person had connections, their life would be better. But even if they didn’t, they could still depend on their own labor to support themselves. The same thing applied to the ability users. While they were treated slightly better, they still had to make contributions working both inside and outside the base.

The recorder from the examinations had misunderstood the relationship between Huo Junhan and Shen Mubai and placed them in the same room.

There was a rumor that the base in S City had the best living facilities. Even so, the base could only provide two meals a day, and charged ‘points’ for better food.

These so-called points were earned by doing tasks assigned by the base, with the option to join a team and do tasks together. Of course, there was a faster way: exchanging high-tier nuclei for points.

A level one nucleus could be exchanged for two points. Although Shen Mubai had a level four nucleus, she wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble and kept it.

When Shen Mubai returned with the food for the day, Huo Junhan turned his handsome, beautiful face towards her and said, “Wait for me here, don’t go out.”

Shen Mubai just nodded, watching as he disappeared from view. She could hear the sound of the door being locked from outside.

Shen Mubai: “……” Okay! Don’t go out. (Editor: she’s like his lil puppy)

After about twenty minutes, the man returned, carrying something with him: a bag filled with a variety of foods and about a hundred green nuclei.

If Shen Mubai remembered correctly, the S base had a lot of protection, with hundreds if not thousands of ability users patrolling.

She despairingly said to the system, “Say, what would happen if I ran away from this man?”

System: “I’ll come collect your body.”

Shen Mubai: “….Thank you.”

System: “You’re welcome.”

Amongst the things that Huo Junhan had brought back, there was fresh fruit. Shen Mubai took a bite out of a red apple as she observed their new place. She found that there was only one bed.

She stopped chewing and turned to Huo Junhan, “…Where do I sleep?”

Huo Junhan stared back at her, his eyes were indifferent and his face expressionless.


VIS: Ah, I’m going to try and finish this arc before winter breaks ends, I’m so ready to move on to the next one LMAO

Editor: Elaine

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