Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick 

“Qingqing! I didn’t think it was you. Do you know how sorry I am? I regret seeing through the wrong eye¹. I lived in misery and reflected a lot every day. I couldn’t even sleep at night… I didn’t expect you to survive! Thankfully, you also came to S City. Everyone says this is the best base, but in my opinion, the best place is wherever you are. I’ve been thinking about how we used to get along back then. You always left the best things for me, and I..and I…damn it! I almost wanted to commit suicide with you. Fortunately, God was kind and let us meet again.” 

She was so touching (fake) and affectionate that even the tears in her eyes looked painful. With her thin body and lily-white skirt, the hearts of those watching trembled.

Shen Mubai looked at her, expressionless, and said, “Are you done?” 

Su Yuqing was stunned. She had thickened her skin and said so much just to target Song QingQing’s past Holy Mother personality. Knowing her, Song QingQing definitely wouldn’t abandon Su Yuqing and would treat her the same as before. If she played her cards right, she could take over everything that Song Qingqing had, including her man.

But now, this girl in front of her gave her an unfamiliar expression that made her feel nervous, as if things were already out of her control.

The one-month limit for acting like the previous host was already up, and Shen Mubai no longer felt the need to continue acting. She asked the system, “Can I kill her?”

System: “Don’t be impulsive, that will cause unnecessary trouble for you.”

Su Yuqing’s heart felt uneasy as tears continued to slide down her face. Her pitiful acting continuing, “Qingqing, you…..you have not forgiven me yet?”

The onlookers saw this beautiful girl crying so pitifully, recognizing her mistakes and apologizing for it, yet her pleas were not acknowledged by the other party. They felt that she did not deserve this treatment. They looked at Shen Mubai with dissatisfaction and disappointment.

“She already apologized and you’re still not forgiving her? I thought you guys were good friends before.”

“Well, the little girl seems nice now, don’t be selfish. If you make up, everything will be fine. Nothing can be resolved if you don’t give her a chance.”

“Ah, today’s people, ah, have become much more selfish. The world is so cold now, especially now.” (Editor: it’s the frickin apocalypse!!)

Song Yuqing’s head lowered. In other people’s eyes, she looked sad and distressed. Little did they know that she was simply concealing her proud expression.

Huo Junhan’s icy blue eyes swept over the spectators. All felt a cold chill crawling up their backs.

“You want forgiveness?” Shen Mubai asked.

Sy Yuqing looked up and revealed a soft, weak smile. Her bright eyes filled with hope and yearning, making her beauty shine more.

Shen Mubai showed a kind smile. “Well, unless you can travel back in time and tell them that I wasn’t bitten by a zombie, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to forgive you.”

The smile on Su Yuqing’s stiffened. She could not believe that the girl in front of her was the same as the one she left for dead. The girl in front of her showed a strength that was not there before. Her face turned green and white on the spot.

The onlookers were no fools. They all knew the truth about the apocalypse. From her words, they immediately understood the event that had taken place, and seeing the change in expression on Su Yuqing’s face just confirmed their suspicions.  

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