Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (37)

Shen Mubai thought things over, anyway, since Snow White would appear at the banquet, and also, the Prince would stay temporarily in the Palace, this marriage arrangement could be discussed at a later time. At this period of time, she can do her best to find many ways to prevent the marriage, if worst came to worst, she can just kidnap Snow white ah. Shen Mubai thought like this, but she always felt that she had neglected something important.

At this grand banquet, the King not only invited government officials and nobles, he also invited Wangdu’s aristocrat younger generation. The scene was very grand, with magnificent and gorgeous decorations covering the luxurious Palace Hall that was filled with the neatly dressed aristocrat ministers and brilliant young gentlemen and ladies, forming groups of fun and elegant parties.

In the instant when Shen Mubai entered the Hall, many people flung their heads and fixed their eyes towards her.

Hearing the similarity of the Queen and Snow White’s age, and without many people who knew about their true appearances, everyone was stunned by her exceptional beauty and some guesses were made.

The exquisite and gorgeous light blue Imperial skirt, precious and dignified, her skin as fair and smooth as porcelain, her small face without flaws. Her pair of eyes were unconsciously bringing a thread of seduction with a beautifully cold and lofty expression, making everyone’s heart trembled.

Snow White’s appearance was one of a kind, but her timid and overcautious bearing overshadowed her entire being. Right now, the Queen with incomparable beauty has appeared, her domineering and elegant bearing made people’s eyes lightened up, even more that this new Queen was still young.

In the middle of the crowd, Shen Mubai caught a glimpse towards Snow White who was located in the lower left corner from where she stood.

However, the other party had already been gazing at her from the moment she entered the hall, so the two people’s line of sight caught in a collision and Snow White revealed a shy smile.

Shen Mubai only spared her a glance before taking back her eyes, because she knew, on top of the gold throne that was fully inlaid with jewels, laid the King who was gazing over them.

What she didn’t know was, the moment when she moved her sight away, the smile on Snow White’s face gradually became cold, and the eyes that were gazing warmly at her before slowly became pitch-dark.

With the King’s face brimming with gentle and warm smile, Shen Mubai braced herself to sit down beside him.

“Fujiana, you’re so beautiful today, many people were in a spell from their admiration towards your charm, did you see it?” the King turned his head, using a gentle and soft tone to speak to her, inside those pair of eyes was a zealotry fever that had never existed before.

That gaze was like a clammy and smelly dead serpent inside a huge sticky swamp, full with a bloodcurdling obsession, making all of Shen Mubai’s hair on her body shivered and stood up in a flash, followed with a light chilling air crawling down her back.

Fortunately, the King quickly restrained himself and resumed his amiable and doting appearance and made it seemed like all of that was just Shen Mubai’s misconception.

“F*ck that PERVERT AAAAAAAHHH!!!” Shen Mubai shivered and wept to system in her heart.

System consoled her, “What are you afraid of? He won’t kill you.”This trick was already of no use for Shen Mubai, she regretted deeply how she believed the evil system at all.

System continued and said, “Just think about your gentle and warm Snow White.”

Shen Mubai thought about Snow White’s bashful and adorable appearance and felt that her life wasn’t so bad, she comforted herself by thinking, right ah, I still have such a lovely and gentle Snow White.

Thereupon, her entire person quickly became composed, the expression in her eyes involuntarily floated to and fro towards Snow White’s seat.


Is pervertedness something that runs in royal family in this story? ( ̄・ω・ ̄) Baibai is between two ferocious beasts ah~ *light a candle for Shen Mubai*

Translator: MadPanda

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