Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (38)

Sensing her fleeting gaze, Snow White raised her head and revealed a shy and gentle smile.

Shen Mubai looked at her tenderly, she thought to herself, this should be the wonderful feeling between a daughter and a mother…

The banquet quickly began, and every one of the protagonists appeared one by one inside the hall. Once the blonde haired neighbouring country’s prince came, a lot of aristocratic daughters immediately took notice, that brilliant and incomparably handsome face quickly captured many young girl’s hearts, his face especially, that radiant, enchanting and full of ardour smile, if he was in modern time, he would absolutely be called a walking pheromone.

The neighbouring country’s prince was unaware of all these attentions as he walked and discharged high voltage current everywhere. The king who sat down also stood up to welcome him, after all, the other party was the sole heir of Roenzent Kingdom. [洛因兹曼]

When he approached closer, prince Arlenweiss [埃尔维斯] faced towards the King on the throne and paid him a conventional courtesies, he smiled politely, “Your Majesty The King of Alesia, how do you do, I have come with a specific purpose in mind under the order of esteem father the King of Roenzent to come to Alesia.”

His line of sight only stopped for a while on the King, then he shifted to the young Queen who was standing on the side. That intimate gaze flitted by as Prince Arlenweiss revealed a bright smile, “We meet again, Queen Consort.”

Shen Mubai put on a coldly elegant look as she nodded her head, actually, her inner heart already became disturbed since some time ago, besides, she nervously stared at this Arlenweiss, afraid that he would suddenly reveal something that would put her in a disadvantage.


Aware of Shen Mubai’s gaze, Arlenweiss didn’t take heed of the King who was still in front of him, and mischievously winked at her.

Shen Mubai’s face was filled with ‘I’m f**ked’ expression, she hurriedly retracted her gaze back when the King’s eyes came to her.

“Have you met Prince Arlenweiss previously?” the King’s tone was gentle and soft, without the slightest difference at all.

But Shen Mubai didn’t dare to treat it lightly, she answered without changing her expression, “I met him once at the flower garden just now.”

Right at this moment, Arlenweiss cut in, “En, that’s right, Your Majesty the King, Your Majesty’s Queen Consort is a really charming and beautiful woman.” When he was talking this sentence, he didn’t gloss over his interest towards Shen Mubai.


The smile on the King’s mouth became thin, “Really? It should be her honour to have received Prince Arlenweiss’ compliment, Fujiana, what do you think?”

Shen Mubai momentarily can’t surmised what the King was feeling when he said those words, so she’s forced to prudently answered, “The Prince is kidding.”

Arlenweiss only smiled without saying anything.

The most important protagonists were all present and the banquet’s prelude had been pulled open, the King wanted this marriage arrangement to be successful, so he especially arranged Arlenweiss’ seat to be close to Snow White’s.

The scheduled entertainments were played one after another at the grand stage, with some of the audiences lightly conversing with each other, the scene appeared jubilant and harmonious. But at this time, Arlenweiss didn’t put any interest towards Snow White who was sitting beside him, again and again, his line of sight returned to the seat that was placed beside the King.


Shen Mubai wasn’t a blockhead, so of course she already felt his gaze on herself. She thought to herself in bewilderment, what does this Prince from neighbouring kingdom want to do? But, this Roenzent Kingdom is teeming with delicacies ah…

Her thoughts can’t help but fluttered far away, she didn’t paid any attention to another pair of eyes that were staring fixedly at her from the start.

Snow White’s scarlet lips faintly sticking up, her long and dense eyelashes covered up the terrifying expression deep inside her dark eyes, didn’t know what she was thinking about, her throat issued out a low and dangerous laugh that couldn’t be heard by anyone.

My dearest Imperial Mother, you’re still infecting other people ah…


I think Shen Mubai is great in that she can still think about food when she’s between these 3 hungry wolves looking at her like she’s a fat bunny… (゜-゜)

Translator: MadPanda

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