Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (29)

When she didn’t get system’s response, Shen Mubai felt wronged, “I’m okay even if you don’t console me, but you still don’t want to speak with me even to this day, what use do I have for you as my system?”

System answered coldly, “Originally, systems also use points to keep the host company for a chat ah.”

Shen Mubai, “…oh, then I won’t talk anymore.”

System, “…”

The Shen Mubai who has no one and no system to talk with, went back to her palace with a face full of hidden bitterness as she said to Magic Mirror, “Magic Mirror ah, Magic Mirror, what will I eat tonight?”

Magic Mirror shivered, “Answering the Queen, today’s dinner is cheese and ham with chicken cutlet, pumpkin soup…”

After hearing the list of food she’s going to eat for dinner tonight, Shen Mubai finally felt a lot better. She looked at the reflection shown in Magic Mirror and suddenly felt that the predecessor’s looks and Snow White’s has three points resemblance.

This coincidence made her thought of some ideas. The King wouldn’t be taking this predecessor of hers as a substitute right? After all, before he married the Queen, he never bore any idea to marry even after 10 years has passed.

Nevertheless, if the King truly love the past Queen dearly, how can he be so cold towards his own daughter, even to the point that it could be said as apathetic.

Shen Mubai turned over and over in her mind but she still couldn’t figure out the reason, she said with suspicion, “System, can you make some cheat for me ah? This world is too out of the norm.”

System said, “The cause of every world’s protagonist thread of fate is different, what could arouse their response is also different. Us, systems, are only responsible for assigning missions, how you do your missions all depends on you, yourself.”

Shen Mubai, “…you win.”

The time for dinner finally arrived, Shen Mubai didn’t have any appetite left after eating some bites, feeling that she can’t gather even a bit of energy. After climbing up the soft big bed, she finally realized that she might be feeling ill.

Thus, she slept in a daze until dawn, Shen Mubai faintly heard a low voice that’s hard to differentiate if it came from a man or a woman, “…you’re informing me this late?”

Afterwards, Belice’s low voice answered, “Answering Your Highness, the Queen Consort’s work and rest habit is consistent, Belice didn’t dare to disturb.” Her tone wasn’t gentle like usual, it was a bit frightened.

The on-and-off discussion made Shen Mubai wanted to strain her ears to hear more clearly, but her dizzy head made her once again fell into a blurry sleep.

She didn’t realize when, but her burning hot forehead was covered with something cooling, her ears caught on to a gentle and soft voice, “Mother…”

Shen Mubai unfurled her eyes with much difficulty and met the beautiful eyes of Snow White at her side.

Seeing her awakened, Snow White’s face revealed a joyful smiling expression as her thick eyelashes didn’t cover the concern and worry in her eyes, “How is mother feeling right now?”

Shen Mubai blinked her eyes, “…I’m a bit famished.”

As the light smile appeared inside her eyes, the corner of Snow White’s dark red lips slightly turned up as she gazed at the beautiful face in front of her, “Then, I’ll go and prepare mother’s breakfast.”

Shen Mubai nodded her head. After the other person left the palace, she stroked her forehead and said, “System, how can I suddenly fell sick?”

System said, “You kicked your quilt the night before yesterday.”

Shen Mubai didn’t believe it, “How can I kick my own quilt?”

System played a recorded scene inside her mind.

Shen Mubai didn’t dare to open her mouth again, and just silently bit the corner of her quilt, with tearful eyes, she felt unwilling to face reality.


Ooohhh, who would have thought, Belice is… hehehe… ಠﭛಠ

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