Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (30)

System consoled her, “There’s a host that wet her own bed when doing her assignment.”

Shen Mubai revealed her face again. When she just opened her mouth to say something, she heard system continued and said, “But, that was when she became a baby…”

Shen Mubai, “…go away.”

Snow White only went out for a while. She came inside while bringing a glass of hot milk and a few slices of bread over.

Shen Mubai who originally was full of hope suddenly withered after seeing the breakfast, luckily she was still sick so her wan expression wasn’t that clear.

Snow White sat down on her side, revealing a warm smile, “Mother.”

However, Shen Mubai responded with an unhappy groan.

Inside Snow White’s eyes emerged a pampering look, although her face still retained its warm and gentle smile. She called out ‘mother’ with a low voice. When the young and beautiful Queen looked over, she lightly laughed, “Mother is still sick, that’s why you can’t eat food that are too greasy.”

Shen Mubai gloomily said, “Oh.”

Because of her dizzy head, she didn’t realize that she started to expose her true nature.

The smiling expression inside Snow White’s eyes became deeper as her brightly colored red lips slightly perked up, her mouth let out a soft tone as she said, “Mother, let Snow White feed you.”

Shen Mubai who’s being slow-witted right now still hasn’t digested her words fully as she just leaned all of her body towards the other person, her light breath fluttered to Snow White, like a net that pulled her into a prison, firmly wrapping her mind inside.

The now tall Snow White already faintly surpassed the young girl’s height, so she determinedly let half of the girl’s body inside her bosom while one of her hand still holding onto the cup of milk, she gently said, “Mother, open your mouth.”

Shen Mubai complied with her command subconsciously, while thinking in a daze ‘Snow White’s strength is somewhat big ah…

And so, the charming Queen obediently opened her mouth, revealing a small and tender tongue inside.

The light inside Snow White’s eyes dimmed as her line of sight fell onto the other’ delicate and charming lips, soon after that, she held back and hid the innermost feeling deep inside her eyes. Pressing the cup of milk to her lips, a slightly hoarse and husky voice came out from her throat, “Mother, drink slowly.”

Shen Mubai lowered her lovely face as she drank the milk with her small mouth sip by sip, just like a small and cute kitten showing its soft belly for a scratch.

The dark color inside Snow White’s eyes became deeper, she used an unthinkably gentle low voice and said, “The sick mother… really makes Snow White…” somewhat unable to control one’s feelings ah…

Shen Mubai didn’t hear her words clearly, after swallowing a mouthful of milk she said, “What did you just say?”

The corner of Snow White’s red lips turned up, “The sick mother is really different with your normal times.”

Shen Mubai thought, what’s the difference? Nevertheless, her dizzy head made her not want to talk too much, and also, this bread looks so tasteless ah…

After the milk was drunk, Snow White put down the cup onto the table beside the bed, then she let her lie down again.

After coming into contact with the soft big bed, Shen Mubai’s whole person was attacked with drowsiness as she comfortably rubbed against the silky bed sheets, she gradually closed her eyes and let out even breaths.

In her daze, she felt a warm thing stuck to her forehead, as Snow White’s incomparably gentle voice reverberated beside her ear, “Sleep, I’ll be here with you, mother…”

She didn’t know how long she slept, but when she woke up, she saw Snow White still sitting beside her bed.


Heyo, sorry for not posting these few days, got something to do. (´・_・`)

Oh my, when Shen Mubai got sick, she’s really cute oh~ (っ*´∀`*)っ I can’t help but imagine her like a small kitten asking for a belly rub~

Translator: MadPanda

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