Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (28)

Shen Mubai finally felt something abnormal this time.

Snow White still stood at the same place, those pair of black eyes were staring fixedly at her like she absolutely wanted to obtain a clear and definite answer.

Shen Mubai thought to herself, this pitiful Snow White who lacked a mother’s love might feel uneasy ah, after all, her predecessor’s past relationship was really too ambiguous.

The beautiful Queen looked down haughtily to her, “That’s naturally so, after all, who doesn’t like His Majesty in this Imperial Palace?”

Holding back the dreadful expression in her eyes, Snow White’s slender and dense eyebrows trembled slightly, her ruddy lips faintly sticking up in a poisonous smile.

Although knowing that’s just a fake, but after hearing you said it, it still made me fell in a bad mood…

My beloved mother…

When she lifted her face up again, she already changed the expression on her face. Snow White’s brilliant eyes looked attentively at the person in front of her, her voice soft and gentle, “What mother means is that, Imperial Father, as a King, is the dream sweetheart of young girls?”

“En.” the Queen once again lifted her chin up slightly and turned around, “Let’s go back.”

Snow White looked at the Queen’s figure from behind as her eyes gradually got deeper, transforming into a thick black ink color, and finally, she let out a low sinister laugh that was whispered from the depth of her throat.

“My…mother…” but it can’t be any farther from the truth ah…

Shen Mubai who just talked about the King at morning, was called by him at noon.

Dwelling on it for a short while, Shen Mubai realized that it had already been more than half a month that she hadn’t gone to the King’s Palace, but he also didn’t call on her in this period of time. Her heart can’t help but skipped a beat, it can’t be that the King already know about today’s affair?!

She went inside the Palace with a bit of unease, Shen Mubai thought to just deal with it perfunctorily, but when she looked at the King’s gentle face, she can’t help but secretly swore at him ‘old pervert’!

“Fujiana.” The King looked at the young girl with a gentle expression, using a kind of utterly affectionate tone to call her name.

In her mind, all of her gooseflesh stood up, but her face still maintained a slight smile, her eyes shy and bashful as she used a spoiled and coquettish tone saying, “Your Majesty the King.”

The King swept a gaze over the young girl’s body, the depths of his eyes obscured what he was feeling from other people as he sent out a low sigh from inside his throat, “You hasn’t come to me these past few days.”

“Aren’t you busy nowadays? It’s natural that Fujiana wants to see you, but Fujiana is afraid that she would disturb you.” In the twinkling of an eye, the beautiful face of the Queen turned lonely and desolate.

The King covered her tender and fair hands and said gently, “Alright, alright, I shouldn’t leave you alone just because of some public affairs, Fujiana.” He minutely drooped his line of sight to the young girl’s eye and brow, heaving a sigh and said, “It’s just, no matter how I think about it, Fujiana has turned into such a good child compared to before…”

Shen Mubai’s heart jumped slightly but she immediately heard the King diverted the topic, “How did you get along with Snow White in this period of time?”

The king’s manner of speaking seemed like he was truly concerned about this, Shen Mubai’s heart felt something odd, but her feeling died down in an instant as she half genuinely asked, “It’s okay, but Fujiana only hope that His Majesty the King would accompany Fujiana more often.”

When talking about Snow White, the young girl’s haughty tone can’t help but manifest itself. The King laughed slightly, “Fujiana is sensible. Wait for me until I pass this busy period of time, then I will definitely spare more time to accompany you.


After she went out of the King’s palace, Shen Mubai only felt that her body was hollowed out as she said to the system sluggishly, “So tired ah, System, I simply can’t bear this Imperial-struggle script.”

System thought to itself, you wouldn’t even be able to live if you have to play this palace drama twice ah.


In chapter 100, we finally see Snow White’s true ‘cuteness‘ (≖ᴗ≖✿)

Unfortunately, I might be afk after some days (dunno the exact day) due to personal reasons, for about 2-3 days. Here are some cookies to appease my lovely readers ???

Translator: MadPanda

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