Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 17)

Falling Cloud Palace.

“The second prince hasn’t been in a good mood lately, is it because you have already met the person divined to be your wife?”  The maid An An was making a pot of tea while asking with a smile.

Su Ye gave a thoughtful nod and said with a smile filled with deep meaning, “I didn’t understand at first, why was the Witch Race’s second prince’s destined wife a mortal?  But the moment I saw her, I knew what was falling in love at first sight.”

“Why did the second prince not take the chance to bring her to Phoenix Feather City and cultivate your relationship?”

“Ai, I wanted to!  Only……”

“Reporting, the maids assigned to the second prince’s Falling Cloud Palace are waiting outside.  This is the list of the maids, please take a look, second prince.” A servant outside cut Su Ye off.

Su Ye revealed a faint smile and didn’t blame him at all as he took the list while saying, “Quickly let them come in.  It’s cold outside, don’t let them freeze.”

The maid An An revealed a faint smile and followed the servant out to receive the new maids.

Su Ye slowly opened the list and looked through it one by one, but when he saw the three words ‘Luo Qing Chen’, he was stunned.  His eyes lit up and he muttered in a confused voice, “Why is it the Star Palace……”

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen was standing outside the God Punishing Array watching the sword flying around with a distressed look on her face.

System, based on the array that I’ve memorized, can I safely pass through this?

[No.]  The system decisively answered in a cold voice.

Humph!  You’re actually looking down on me, just wait and see!  This treasure will pass this for you and let you see how powerful your host is!

When her voice fell, she stepped into the God Punishing Sword Array.

Instantly, she felt that she was surrounded by sword energy.  Infinite destructive might surrounding chaos, endless killing intent surrounding primordial nothing.  The air was filled with a cold and suffocating feeling.

Yellow mist, golden light, mysterious changes, endless killing intent.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  She placed her right hand on her ear and focused her mind, gradually clearing up the sword array map in her mind.

She carefully moved forward step by step.  When she thought that she was about to step out of it.

She was surrounded by cold air and killing intent.  A black smoke gathered to form a light blue glowing sword.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat and she took a step back.

It was unknown what stimuli the sword felt, but it pointed right at her and prepared to attack.

“My god.”  She instantly raised the Exquisite Ring on her right hand and prepared to die.

Without knowing what happened, she was surrounded by a powerful spiritual energy.  There were sparkling blue lights all around her that formed a clear protective barrier, keeping her safe inside. 

After a while, the surrounding sword energy slowly scattered and the black mist gradually retreated.

When Luo Qing Chen was in a dilemma on whether to keep going or head back, there was a pull on her waist and she flew into the sky.  She looked up and there was a beautiful and cold face that appeared in her eyes.

“Ling Xiu.”  She softly called his name and her heart began beating fast.

Ya!  So this is the legendary hero saving a beauty!  It really doesn’t feel bad!

Outside the Star Palace, he softly put her down.  He narrowed his eyes as he looked at her and directly said, “Do you remember now?”

He knew that if she wanted to come to the Star Palace, he should have sent Mo Bai to pick her up.  However, without knowing why, he couldn’t feel assured, so he finally decided to go himself.

He couldn’t help feeling a bit strange……

So this was the feeling of being touched by someone.

Luo Qing Chen looked over and pursed her lips into a smile as she said, “Of…..of course!”

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