Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 16)

The maids were assigned to palaces one by one.  When it came to Luo Qing Chen’s name, Xi Ying took a step forward. 

She raised the purple glowing witch staff and Falling Cloud Palace on the plaque turned into Ten Thousand Flower Palace.

But, when the elder turned over the plaque, there was a faint blue light around the plaque.

If one didn’t look carefully, they couldn’t see it at all.

“Luo Qing Chen, Star Palace.”  When the elder read these five words, everyone present took in a cold breath.

Even Xi Ying was included among them.

“Miss Witch Lord, how could your spiritual energy fail?”  The maid Shuang Shuag looked at the two words on the plaque in disbelief.  Her boss was watching with a pair of sinister eyes.

“It’s Ling Xiu.”  She trembled and was frozen on the spot.  Perhaps others couldn’t see it, but she had seen it.

That faint blue light, it was his spiritual energy.

“Sir Ling Xiu, didn’t he never need a maid?”  Shuang Shuang covered her mouth with her right hand and said in absolute shock, “How could it be this time…..”

“Elder, sir Ling Xiu has never needed a maid.  I can see this girl is very smart, so how about assigning her to the Ten Thousand Flower Palace.  I need someone to help me anyway.” Xi Ying saw the awkward expression of the elder and came out to give her final struggle.

She knew that as long as Ling Xiu didn’t appear, Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t go to the Star Palace.

The elder’s expression instantly softened, the Witch Lord’s words knew what he was thinking.

After all, all the girls the Witch God has assigned to the Star Palace had to be reassigned anyway.  Today there was only Luo Qing Chen out of the twenty girls, so there was no need to reopen the sacrifice altar.

“Un.”  The crown prince said with a nod, “This is good.  Sir Ling Xiu should be the same as before, he won’t need…..”

“Crown prince, please wait.”  A soft voice came from behind them.

Mo Bai slowly walked forward and said with a bow, “Crown prince, sir Ling Xiu has had a divination today.  The divination said that a maid would be assigned to the Star Palace today and we should receive her.”

When Mo Bai’s voice fell, Xi Ying staggered back.  She bit her lip and her face instantly turned white.

“Impossible.”  Xi Ying shook her head and muttered, “How could he possible let a maid enter the Star Palace?”

She kept telling herself that the faint blue light she saw earlier was definitely a mistake.  But Mo Bai’s voice just now was like stone slamming down onto her heart.

“Miss Witch Lord.”  Shuang Shuang saw her unstable appearance and quickly came forward to support her.  She then said to the crown prince, “Crown prince, miss Witch Lord has spent too much spiritual energy on the sacrifice ceremony today, so her body is unwell.  We hope you will agree to us heading back to the Ten Thousand Flower Palace.”

“Alright!”  There was a confused look that flashed in the crown prince’s eyes, but he didn’t pursue this matter.  He looked at the maids under the sacrifice altar and said, “From today onwards, you are all part of the Witch Race.  Only by working hard can you increase your life and gain the Witch Race’s powers.”

“Yes, crown prince!”

No one knew that in a dark corner of the sacrifice ceremony, there was a powerful Beast God lurking, waiting for the moment Luo Qing Chen was being assigned a palace.

He never thought that Xi Ying would be a step faster than him, but even that couldn’t change his will.

When she came back to the eastern residence, she kept hearing Huan Yu Ning’s chatter that was basically saying the same thing.

That was——

Since the Beast God Ling Xiu came to Phoenix Feather City and lived in the Star Palace, he has never had a maid before.

She, Luo Qing Chen was the first!

Actually, she really wanted to tell Huan Yu Ning, not only was she the first, she was also the last!

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