Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Ye Zhi Jin’s side story (Part 2)

But even working hard, I couldn’t keep her.

I would never forget every word she said to me that night.

She asked me, did you believe in time travel?

Without knowing why, when she said this, my heart was filled with panic.

It was like she was going to leave me that night.

I was scared when I sent her home, scared when I said I believed, scared as I thought about holding her hand one last time.

But it slowly fell at the last second.

I said my final five words to her, “Good night, see you tomorrow.”

But we never met tomorrow.

I never thought that I would separate from her, but you cruelly froze my world.

She disappeared…..without a single trace…..

No one in this world knew where she was and no one could find her.

Everyone beside me told me to forget her.  If she was still alive, how could she not come find you and let you bear the pain of living alone.

But I…..didn’t believe it.

Not a single word.

It was because she found the letter that she gave me, she never said she would be back.

But this letter had been with me through countless lonely nights, it was already my spiritual support.

I was like the grass growing in the darkness, endlessly waiting for the warm sunlight.

Until I found the seven coloured bracelet.

It was the present I gave her.

My mind recalled our youth at school.  Her faint smile, every scene was something that I could never forget.

Those memories were deeply imprinted in my mind, never being shaken.

I felt like I was going crazy at that moment.

My mind was blank and there was only a single path in front of me connecting to the seminar.

I saw her handwriting here.  In front of my eyes was her at sixteen standing at the board, writing down the answer.

That confidence, that cuteness, that time, that beauty.

I desperately called Ji Chen, again and again, until my hands were trembling, but he never picked up.

Only when night fell did he finally pick up.

I went straight to the topic and asked him where Luo Qing Chen was.

But that call was hung up and it went to voicemail when I called again.

No one in the world knew just how anxious and worried I was in that moment.

My heart was like an ant in a burning pot, devouring my entire mind.

But it was a good thing I knew that she was going to the anniversary banquet.

I didn’t hesitate at all as I desperately ran there.

When I opened the door, I felt like my entire world was filled with colour again.

Everything around me seemed to freeze in that moment.

There was only her in my eyes, she was like a dazzling light.  Even standing there, she lit up my entire world.

At that moment, I used all my strength to tightly hold her.

It was like only holding her like this could stop my heart from trembling, driving away the fear.

Seven years of endless waiting, everything had become worth it at this moment.

I secretly swore in my heart that in the future, I would always be with her.

If there was a day she wanted to travel through time and space, I would go with her…..

Because no matter what world or time it was, as long as she was by my side, nothing else mattered.

Waking up in the morning with you and the sun together, that is the future that I want.

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