Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Little theater side story

The warmth over the years slowly flows in a river, making the closed heart skip a beat.

There were times when I heard the sounds of flowers blooming.

[The «Childhood Lovers» chapter has ended and welcome to our mister childhood friend Ye!]

“Hello system.”

[As expected, the system likes this kind of man!]

The “man” Ye Zhi Jin fixed his suit and looked up.

[Alright!  Now let’s enter the usual ten question interview, are you prepared?]

“Un, system, please ask!”

[“First question: Did you ever bully your little childhood friend when you were young?”]

“Frequently……I was young and naive, I liked using that kind of method to get the attention of the person I liked.”

[Aiya, it’s really too much!]

“Thinking about it now, I really regret it!  I should have spent all that time treating her well!”

[……]  The system didn’t like this opening and the system had already eaten dinner!

[“Second question: What do you usually do when it comes to love rivals?”]

“The only one that was a bit strong was Gu Qing Nuo, so on the basketball court, I used the handsome three pointer to beat the enemy!”

[La, la, la, la, la, la, la, the system also felt it was quite handsome!]

[“Third question: Who is the person you hate the most in this world?”]

“Cheng Qian Zi.”

[Un, the system also really hates her!  She really is quite bad!]

[“Fourth question: What is the thing you regret the most?”]

“I didn’t go with her on that so-called time travel.”

[“Fifth question: What is the funniest thing?”]

“Eh, funniest……”  Ye Zhi Jin thought about it before saying, “Ji Chen told me that he had a little assistant and said I couldn’t steal it from her, saying that I had to respect first come first serve.  I feel he doesn’t know what a childhood friend is!”

[Pu, ha, ha, this system is dying of laughter!]

[“Sixth question: What was the most exciting thing for you?”]

“Exciting, there were quite a few things.  The most exciting thing was on the mountain and I was carrying her, I could faintly feel her breathing on my neck.  That feeling was enough to forget all the pain.”

[“Seventh question: What was the warmest thing you’ve ever done?”]

“There are quite a few things…..”

[“Pick one, pick one!”]

“Making date buns!”  Ye Zhi Jin said with a faint smile, “Because you couldn’t buy those buns, so I could only make them myself.  At first they were quite ugly, but I slowly got better by continuing to make them.”

[“This system has to say, the host really has strange tastes!”]

“…..I feel the same……”

[Pu, this system will tell the host!]

“Don’t!  The system might not exist in the future!”

[Sorry, this system is still a baby……]

[“Eighth question: Many people wanted to ask this.  During the seven years when she was gone, what allowed you to keep waiting?”]

“Love.”  His answer was simple and concise, not using any extra words.

[……]  The system had been fed more dog food and it was so fast!

[“Ninth question: What was the most interesting thing after you got married?”]

“She liked changing the photo in my wallet, one each year and they never repeated themselves…..”

[“Tenth question: Is there anything you want to say to her?”]

“No matter how beautiful time is, we will meet again.  I’m willing to spend that time with you until our hairs turn gray.”

[Such beautiful words!  The system is envious of the host, the system also wants a childhood lover!]

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 8/100]

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