Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: Ye Zhi Jin side story (Part 1)

I like you, never bothering you and never giving up.  Silently keeping my distance as I keep my deepest love secret.  ——Ye Zhi Jin.

Since I understood matters, the three words Luo Qing Chen lingered in my mind, never wandering.

I didn’t know how she did it, but she did it perfectly.

I always thought that she would be with me for a very long time, but I never thought that she would move.

It came so sudden that I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to her, losing the only young miss childhood friend in my life.

I didn’t have a choice in middle school.

But in high school, I had the choice.

I told mother that I wanted to enroll in Dream One High School and she was even more excited than me.

I think that having this kind of mother is also a kind of blessing in life.

She would never know how excited I was when I saw the class listings at the school entrance.

It was like the heavens were secretly helping me meet her again.

Moreover, it was right behind her.

Although I preferred being deskmates more. 

When I accidentally heard her conversation with Bei Xiao Shi, I heard they were going to the clubs fair.

This was a chance to meet again, how could I not go?

I finally had a chance to speak to her again at that time, but we had to meet Qiao Meng Tian.

The little sister that suddenly came to my house three years ago.

She always thought that my father had adopted her because of how he felt guilty about her mother, but actually she was my father’s blood related daughter.

Which meant that she was my little sister from the same father, but with a different mother.

I told her about this during the military training.

She and Cheng Qian Zi both planned bad things and left Luo Qing Chen on the mountain the next day, so I told her everything.

This secret was to protect this little sister with the same father, but if this secret hurt my most important person.

I would rather give this up.

As expected, Qiao Meng Tian never waited for me since then.  I knew that I had unintentionally hurt this little sister, but I felt that at least she wouldn’t go astray because of thoughts she shouldn’t have.

She wasn’t that bad, she should have a better future.

High school tests are as easy as flipping my hand, but to become her deskmate, I decided to lower my monthly test scores.

But I never thought that this would make the teacher very angry, even calling in our parents.

I thought that I caused her to be scolded, but I never thought that her mother was shopping with my mother.

Moreover, I could tell from their eyes that they supported us!

Ha, ha, in that moment, no one knew how much happiness there was in my heart.  It was like a flower could instantly bloom.

Later we became closer and closer.  When I was on the basketball court, whenever I hit a three pointer, I would secretly look at where she was in the stands. 

When I saw her clapping and cheering for me, my heart was filled with satisfaction.

If time could always stay like this, how good that would be.

I was willing to take this competition for her and see how proud she was of me.

But when I saw the light over her head, I knew that what I wanted to do wasn’t to make her proud, but to always protect her.

In that moment, my mind went blank.  There was only a single voice in my mind which was——

Grab her, grab her, grab her.

I didn’t care if the lights hit me, just like how I didn’t care if the branches in the mountain cut my skin.

To me, as long as she wasn’t injured, anything was fine.

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