Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: Side story: A crush is a beautiful little thing (Part 3)

I never told her about the application form and only on the day school started when she called me to ask, I told her the truth.

She was very angry, I had never seen Bei Xiao Shi this angry.

I suddenly felt that I had unknowingly hurt her.

I would never forget the final words she said to me.

“Xu Ji Yuan, you bastard, you’re so selfish!  Why were you so certain that I wouldn’t go to Martial Three High School?”

She hung up after saying this and after summer vacation, lost all contact.

I knew that she wasn’t angry because I went to Martial Three High School, rather it was because I didn’t tell her about the truth.

She felt that she wasn’t important……

But I just didn’t want her to worry.

That day, I stood at the gates of Martial Three High School with the sun shining bright above me.

But I felt the warmth of the sun wasn’t even a millionth of her smile.

I always wanted to explain to her, but I never got a chance.

Until the high school basketball match when we met again.  I didn’t know if she would come, but I was filled with hope and couldn’t fall asleep all night.

She was the same as always, the same kind of cute.  But there was a cold look in her eyes.

I told myself that I had to win this basketball match.  I wanted her to see the new me, the bright new me.

However, there was a dark horse that came from Dream One High School, Ye Zhi Jin.

His attack and defense were on the same level as me, the only scary thing was how accurate his three pointers were.

It was because of this that although their overall strength couldn’t compare to ours, the score was quite close.

In the second half, I changed the strategy and had people specially defend Ye Zhi Jin.

But I never thought that he didn’t even need to attack to sink those beautiful three pointers.

I was a bit worried, my team was also a bit worried.

They even used underhanded methods to knock Ye Zhi Jin down.

I was very angry.  For a competition, we should win openly and lose with a conscience.

When it came to the last fifty seconds, I focused my mind and looked at my greatest enemy, Ye Zhi Jin, making my final preparations.

I’ve lost countless games in this life, but this was one I definitely couldn’t lose.

And at that moment, I found that Ye Zhi Jin was looking at the friend seats to the side.

I followed his eyes and looked over, finding the swinging lamp above Bei Xiao Shi.

Ye Zhi Jin didn’t even think as he threw away the ball as he ran in the direction of the falling lamp.

As for me.

I didn’t even look at the ball in front of me.

At that moment, I only had her in my eyes.  Suddenly the match was no longer important and it didn’t matter if I won.

Everything was good as long as she was fine.

I was very happy that I could protect her.  This should be the moment in my life when I felt the most handsome.


In the future, I silently applied for the same university as her.  She was very surprised when she saw me, but then she revealed a warm smile.

I liked this smile.  From the first moment I saw her, there was this kind of smile on her face.

I hoped that I could use the rest of my life to protect this smile, letting her remain on her face forever.

The three years of regret from high school, let me redeem it with the rest of my life!

From now on, wherever she goes, I’ll be there.

A crush is a beautiful little thing and I would use the rest of my life for this thing.

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