Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: Side story: A crush is a beautiful little thing (Part 2)

However when I was truly shining, looking back, I couldn’t see her anymore.

In the second year of middle school, I shot up in height and it felt like all the oppressed feelings suddenly exploded.

Adding in my face that bloomed, I instantly turned from someone that others shoved into the mud to a youth that caught the whole school’s eyes.

I seemed to be living a different life.  I started receiving love letters and when I walked through the school yard, there were girls who whispered behind my back, “Wa, Xu Ji Yuan!  So handsome!”

But this kind of me couldn’t make her take another look at me.  I even opened every love letter, but I never found one that was written under her name.

She didn’t care about me at all.

Perhaps she had already forgotten about me…..

That was right, I was that normal back then, how could she remember me!

But I had to have her remember me, right?

I began my series of plans.

[Guide on approaching Bei Xiao Shi.]

I deliberately practiced taking shots when she walked through the school yard after school.  I had to be handsome even if I missed, at least it could attract cheers from the crowd of girls.

But it always seemed like she walked blindly past me with a girl called Luo Qing Chen, not staying for even a second…..

Un, so angry!

I began studying harder to try and change classes.  Finally I got into the top ten for a midterm exam and I had the right to change classes with the teacher.  There was no focused class during middle school, so class changes all depended on the teachers!

However the first day I changed to her class, while I got the attention of all the girls, she was the only one who was happily talking to her deskmate Luo Qing Chen about something.  She didn’t even take a glance at me and just gave a mechanical clap.

Un, so angry!

In the following days, I did all kinds of things to attract her attention, but they all——




I almost felt that when the heavens closed the doors on me, they silently helped me by leaving a window open.

At KTV, I met her.

The first thing I saw when entering the room was her phone.  I did the craziest thing in my life and put my phone number in her contacts.

Then I called myself.

I wanted to chase her down, but she slammed into me when she ran into the room.

She didn’t know how nervous I was at that moment.

The friends beside me didn’t tease me because of the crash, but rather because the other side was her.

It was because they knew that I liked Bei Xiao Shi.

Finally, god didn’t let me down.  I completed the first step towards approaching Bei Xiao Shi and I became her friend.

Or perhaps, it was a step deeper than friends.

Above friends and not yet lovers.

When she said that she wasn’t gentle enough, I said that I felt it was rather good.

When she said that her grades weren’t good enough, I said that I felt it was rather good.

When she said that she’s become a bit fatter, I said that I felt it was rather good.

Just like this, I walked into her life and did my best to achieve what I wanted.

We agreed to go to the same high school and the same university.

But on the day of submitting the application for the high school test, I broke my word.

It was because my mother broke her leg that year……

My father worked overseas all year round and couldn’t come back frequently.  I was an only child, so I had to take  this responsibility.

Dream One High School was very far from my house and I wouldn’t have been able to take care of my mother.

For my family, I gave up the dream of going to the same high school as her.

And I also lost her as a——

Good friend.

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