Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 46)

Since it was the hundred year anniversary, there were many people at Dream One High School.  It was like there were people who had been famous in school all over the place.

There were top scorers, school flowers, and school hunks.

Luo Qing Chen pushed up the sunglasses that covered her face and she put her hands into her red coat, as she walked into the school.

There was a faint camphor scent in the air.  Closing her eyes, she felt like she had returned to her first year of high school.

They wore their red and blue uniforms, not looking back as they pursued their youths.

When she was immersed in her memories, the voice behind her broke all her peace.

“Director Ye, welcome, welcome.”

“Principal Lin.”

“I’m old, it’s about time for me to retire!  It’ll be your young people’s world from now on!”

She didn’t hear a single word of his polite talk, she just heard the cool as water voice saying principal Lin.

She found that she was as nervous as before.  She could only face her back to where he was standing, she didn’t even have the courage to turn around for a peek.

“You still have the same spirit as before.”  Ye Zhi Jin was still as beautiful as before.

It was a beautiful voice that no one could hate…..

Only there was more of a business flavour in his voice.

It was not as clear and pure as before.

“Do you still remember back in school when you and…..”

“And who?”  A sweet voice rang out that made her turn around.

That girl intimately held his hand and her lips had a sweet smile as she looked at principal Lin and said, “Principal, quickly tell me about Zhi Jin’s high school stories.  It can’t be that he was dating back then, right!”

“Stop playing!”  Ye Zhi Jin knit his brows and there was a chill in his voice.  He couldn’t help looking around like he had sensed something, wanting to look for that familiar figure.

Luo Qing Chen hid behind a camphor tree and her heart couldn’t help beating faster.

She tilted her head and looked at Ye Zhi Jin not far away, as a faint mist covered her eyes.

The uniform had disappeared and now he was wearing a mature suit.  His face was still as imposing as before, so handsome that it seemed to glow.

The surrounding people saw Ye Zhi Jin and all came over.

There were past teachers and past classmates.

“Not bad, Ye Zhi Jin, long time no see.”  It was another familiar voice. Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and saw that person’s face through the leaves.

Bei Xiao Shi……

Ye Zhi Jin was a bit surprised when he saw her, like seeing her was like seeing another person.

After a while, the depth of his eyes gradually dimmed.

“Long time no see.”  He gave a polite nod and spoke in a cool voice.

Bei Xiao Shi’s expression changed and she looked at Ye Zhi Jin with a bit of pity, “You should let things of the past go!  We are all clear that she will not come back…..”

“Sorry, I have to leave.”  He didn’t hesitate to turn and leave.

Bei Xiao Shi stood in place, taking a deep breath as her eyes turned red.

She used the words that she didn’t believe to convince that youth, it was indeed a bit forced.

Seven years, people say that seven years is a cycle.  If you pray hard enough and only think of that person, you will definitely meet again.

She closed her eyes and that girl’s name flashed in her mind.

The name of her best friend in this life.

Luo Qing Chen, if you’re still alive, you have to come back!

Whether it is me or Ye Zhi Jin, we can’t hold on any longer.

You have already disappeared for an entire seven years……

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