Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 45)

“Good night.”  She took a deep breath and quickly walked upstairs, finally stopping around the corner.

She didn’t say see you tomorrow because she knew that…..she wouldn’t see tomorrow.

The second hand on her watch ticked and in conjunction with the rain, it drenched her love and expectations.

She bit her fingers, stopping herself from crying.

Because she knew that the youth that had protected her in their youths hadn’t left yet.

Ye Zhi Jin held the umbrella as he stood downstairs.  His brows slightly knit as a faint desolate look appeared in his eyes.

He just felt that his heart was empty, like something important was about to leave him and never come back.

10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

In this unknown journey of love, vows were flavours that couldn’t be missed and made youth even more unforgettable.

But this journey suddenly ended and all the vows disappeared without a trace.

Her lashes trembled as she slowly opened her eyes, letting the tears fall as time passed her by.

When she opened them again, seven years had passed.

She was still around the corner, but the walls had marks left behind from the passing of the years.

[Host, you can choose to finish the mission because your mission completion rate is already 100% and end this world.  Just a bit of experience will be taken because of the time reversal.] The system’s voice slowly rang out, even though it knew that its host was unwilling to leave.

Since you’ve read my thoughts, there’s no need to say anything.

She slowly walked forward and under the light of the sun, she slightly raised her hand.  The sun passed through her fingers and shined down on her white face.

The seven years didn’t leave a single mark on her face since for her, it was just the blink of an eye.

She went through her bag, there was still the last day’s homework and an identification card.

Today she should be a girl who was twenty three.

And he……

System, can you tell me what happened to him after?

[The male lead Ye Zhi Jin went overseas seven years ago and opened a company four years ago when he came back.  Right now he is the president of the largest chain of five star hotels in the country.]

The hotel industry really didn’t seem like his style.

[He’s returning to S City today to participate in Dream One High School’s hundredth anniversary.]

I know.  System, I want something.

[Host, please speak.]


[How much does the host want?]

A hundred thousand.

[It requires 1000 exchange points.  System notification: The host doesn’t have much exchange points left.]

Alright, exchange.

She wanted money to buy things and stay in a hotel.  She also wanted to call her parents to see if they’re safe.

[The two of them have already left the country for many years, the host doesn’t need to…..]

Although I’ve only been with them for around a year, family relationships can never be severed.  Since they’re still alive, it isn’t hard to tell them that I’m still alright.

After buying the newest cell phone, two sets of clothes, and a large pair of sunglasses, she called to book a single suite at the Crown Hotel.

When she entered the room, she fixed her hair and headed off to Dream One High School.

Without knowing why, there was a bit of nervousness in her heart.  It was the feeling of being moved from lovers reuniting and the urge to meet once again after all these years.

She didn’t know if after seven years, that youth would be still the same as before.

Or perhaps there was another woman standing by his side, walking along with him, spending the rest of their lives together.

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  1. Of course he’ll be the same. He was already the same before. His love is steadfast. But how will she explain her disappearance?

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