Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 47)

System, I still want something.

[Host, please speak.]

A graduate certificate from a famous high school, it has to be real.

[Alright, it’s very easy!  It just takes 100 exchange points.]


[Ding, 100 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for a graduate certificate from a famous school.  The host’s records have been stored in the system of the school.]

Luo Qing Chen dug in her pocket and felt that she had made a great decision!

Since there was time travel in this world, then she could start from the beginning.  As long as she worked hard, what did it matter!

The past Ye Zhi Jin and the current Luo Qing Chen.

The past him and the future me.

If he really loves another girl, she should let go and let him be happy.  After all, after seven years, she couldn’t force him to wait for her forever.

If he didn’t, couldn’t she give herself another chance to make the ending of this time travel a bit more beautiful?

One couldn’t be selfish or weak as a person.

When falling, one still had to have courage.

The Crown Hotel was not a place that everyone could apply to.  If she didn’t have a degree from one of the best foreign schools, she wouldn’t have smoothly become an intern.

“Your age is a bit high, but your appearance is quite childish.”  The person from HR looked at her resume and identification card for a long time before deciding to accept her.

In the end, she was put in the design department because her major was in design!

God, this broken system, can’t you give me literature?  She didn’t know how to design!

On her first day at the company, she had meetings for half a day.

Luo Qing Chen thought: Could this be the law of business, big companies deal in people and small companies do the work?

There were three people that became interns with her, one had come in through the back door and one had passed through many layers to get here.

And she had entered by virtue of her education.

The head of the design department, big sister Ai Wei was a very serious person.  She looked beautiful and young, looking to be around twenty five to twenty six, but she impressed the vice director very much, so her position in the Crown Group was quite high!

In order to make up for its mistake, the system had given her the ‘design’ skill.

But this kind of thing that required thought couldn’t be learned in a single night.  Even though she knew how to use the design software, that didn’t mean that she could easily handle her tasks!

Not to mention, she didn’t come to the Crown Group just to learn, alright?

“Alright, we’ll end today’s meeting here.”  Ai Wei cleared her throat and said, “Next my assistant Mo Mo will give you your assignments and tell you some things to remember in this company.”

It had to be said, the Crown Group really treated their employees well.  Even the employee residences were hotel rooms.

This saved Luo Qing Chen quite a bit of money.

Another thing that was different was that the workers all had quite pretty faces.

Even the security guards had handsome faces.

Of course, that included Su Liang who had become an intern with her.

Su Liang was a very clean looking man, even having a kind of grace whenever he did things.

The first time Lin Xing Xing set her eyes on him, she rather liked him.

Oh, right, forgot to introduce myself.

Lin Xing Xing was the girl who entered through the back door.  She had blatantly walked in like this because of Ai Wei’s assistant Mo Mo, who was her big sister.

Un, nepotism was a bit complicated, but it wasn’t hard to understand.

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