Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 17)

This was Mo Bai Ci’s second night of restlessness in a thousand years, the first time was when he faced his personal calamity.

He only had to close his eyes and his mind would be filled with that sweet smile.  It was like a warm breeze that was being blown into his heart without any warning.

Ah, so this was what it felt like to have your heart moved.

A hundred years ago, the love disaster of his life was only an illusion.

But right now, he knew that everything wasn’t over yet.

For him, this was only the beginning…..

Three days later, it was the morning to set off to the Dead Soul Sea Pond.

Luo Qing Chen had prepared everything and walked to the main hall.

She was holding the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe, determined to return it to Mo Bai Ci.

But when Mo Bai Ci saw her, his brows tightly knit as he said, “You’re not wearing it?”

“I……”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and said, “I heard Shao Qing……”

“Wear it.”  He didn’t even give her a chance to speak, as he looked at her with serious eyes and said, “

Actually, she didn’t know that he was actually a bit dissatisfied deep down.

A person who didn’t care about this world had his first gift rejected, it created faint ripples in his heart.

As soon as his voice fell, he walked out.  He didn’t forget to say something before leaving: You have to wear it.

She thought about it for a long time in the side hall, but finally she placed the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe in her bag.

In the end, she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t let someone else take the pain for her.  This kind of feeling of letting someone’s life be placed on her body, it wasn’t easy to accept.

She only knew before setting off that it wouldn’t be just her and Mo Bai Ci alone on this journey to the Dead Soul Sea Pond.

There was also Li Jin Feng and Yan Ruo Yao.

Their eyes fell onto her at the same time.

Although there were emotions in both pairs of eyes, they were very different.

Li Jin Feng narrowed his eyes as he looked at Luo Qing Chen not far away.  She had changed the cherry blossom robe that she normally wore, changing into a moon white robe.  Her long strands of hair fell to her waist and there was a white cherry blossom jade crown on her head.

Her face was bright and elegant, but it wasn’t like the hundred years where she stayed by his side and she only had him in her eyes.

Now she stood by the cold and proud Heaven Master, looking like quite a match.

Different emotions filled the depths of his heart.  A girl he had pampered for a hundred years had suddenly changed into a different person one day.

She suddenly became dazzling, out of reach……

She became cold.

The gaze she looked at him with no longer had the same determination.  It was like these eyes falling onto him were filled with…..indifference.

As for Yan Ruo Yao, hatred, unwillingness, jealousy, and all kinds of emotions filled her heart, but she couldn’t act on these feelings at all.

After all, who on the Heaven Falling Continent could move against someone beside Mo Bai Ci.

“Setting out from here, it’ll take around three days to reach the Dead Soul Sea Pond riding on our swords.”  Mo Bai Ci’s cold voice came out, interrupting everyone’s thoughts.

“Sir Bai Ci really thinks that this whatever Exquisite Ring can help us find the Void Residence’s sacred item, the Starlight Sword?”  Yan Ruo Yao’s voice was filled with a bit of disdain, but she still looked serious as she asked this.

“Un.”  Mo Bai Ci simply responded.

It was a single word, but it was filled with strength.

The Star Monarch heard this and added, “The Stellar God said that ancient divine weapons have a kind of sensing power.  To find the Starlight Sword, we have to have another divine weapon to draw it out or it’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Ruo Yao, do you understand?”

“Yes……Ruo Yao has been rude.”  Yan Ruo Yao quickly lowered her head, admitting her mistake in an unwilling voice.

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