Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 18)

This journey of life and death, it was different from the moment they set off on their journey.

Due to the relationship between the flying sword spell and the spirit spells, Mo Bai Ci was half a day faster than Li Jin Feng.

Yan Ruo Yao stood on Li Jin Feng’s sword, constantly urging him to go faster.

“Ruo Yao, even if we use all our spiritual energy, we can’t catch up to Mo Bai Ci, do you understand?”  Li Jin Feng could feel the beads of sweat on his forehead. Even his hand controlling the flying sword was trembling a bit.

“Un humph?”  Yan Ruo Yao said with a soft snort, “It seems like the gap between first and third on the spirit spell ranking really is quite big.”

That girl had stolen a hundred years of pampering from her, based on what could she come back in less than three month to find another mountain to rely on after she had stolen back what was hers.

Moreover, it was the Destiny Master Mo Bai Ci that no one had ever approached before.

Whether it was her background or her identity, she was countless times stronger than that little demon.

This demon who had only cultivated for a hundred years, what right did she have to compete with her!

Li Jin Feng heard this and didn’t respond to her at all.  He just controlled the sword forward and flew in the direction of the first checkpoint.

It was already the middle of the night when they arrived and almost all the guests in the inn were asleep.

There was a servant that showed them to their room.  He said that in the evening, there was a young master with the surname Mo that prepared the room for them.

Since there were only two rooms, he had only left one for them.

Li Jin Feng was surprised, his first reaction wasn’t whether he was in the same room as Yan Ruo Yao.

Rather Mo Bai Ci was in the same room as her……

At the same time, inside another room

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t fall asleep no matter how she turned in bed.  The light of the moon shined onto her white face through the window, as a faint cherry blossom scent filled the air. 

She didn’t know that Mo Bai Ci sitting not far away from her had a heart even more in chaos compared to her.

“Sir Bai Ci, are you asleep?”  She moved slightly as her clear voice rang through the silence.

After a while, he slowly said, “What is it?”

She touched the three pouches in her sleeve and asked in a confused voice, “For the three pouches you gave me, when should I open them?”

“When the blue spiritual energy sealing them is gone, you can open it.”  There was a faint trace of emotion in his voice.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and her heart unknowingly fell into a bit of chaos.  Only by tightly holding the three pouches could she let her heart calm down.

The next morning, they found out when they set off that Li Jin Feng had left two hours earlier than them.

“I heard the servant say that they arrived quite late last night, so why did they leave so early this morning?”  Luo Qing Chen stood on the Flashy Sword, asking in a confused voice.

Mo Bai Ci heard this and softly said, “The feeling of wanting to win.”

As his voice fell, he flew in another direction.  He changed his direction and flew towards the snow capped mountains.

This was the legendary Snow Mountains, where snow women and other low level spirits lived.

One thing worth mentioning was that this mountain was very high, so unless one had top grade flying sword spells, they couldn’t fly over it.

After all, there was a large period of time where one had to fly at a ninety degree angle and the mountains were very cold, so normal Spirit Spell Masters would fall off since they had weak bodies.

That was no invincible armour.

However, that was only for normal Spirit Spell Masters.  For a god like Mo Bai Ci, flying over the snowy mountains was just like flying over the land.

He used a barrier to protect Luo Qing Chen and like there was no mountain at all, he flew over the snow capped mountains.

Only when they reached the peak, he stopped and the Flashy Sword slowly fell down.

Luo Qing Chen looked up at the scene in front of her and was so stunned she couldn’t say a word.

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