Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 53)

“Qing Chen, you might not know this, but our Xia Family had an engagement with the Mu Family over ten years ago.”  Xia Bai said with a bit of difficulty, “Although you and the young master of the Mu Family have never met, we’ve heard that he was in a car accident and is heavily injured in the hospital.  No matter what, we should go see him. As for the engagement, we can decide after seeing him, what do you think?”

“Aiya, the child has just come back and you’re hitting her with all these things!”  Xia Wan Yue knit her brows. The man of her house just cared too much about his brothers.

Seeing that his brother’s son was hurt, he wanted to think about something something for him!

“Sorry, I’m too anxious……”  Xia Bai clearly knew that for Luo Qing Chen who had just come to the Xia Family, this matter was too rushed, so he quickly apologized.

Mu Family’s young master, wasn’t it Mu Hua Nian?

Pu, do middle aged people not care about entertainment gossip?  It seems like the so called ‘Luo Mu couple’ only existed in the little sister circle!

“It’s fine dad, let’s go now!”  Luo Qing Chen nodded with a smile and said, “But I need to change my clothes, otherwise we’ll lose our status.”

Hearing such obedient words, Xia Bai’s heart filled with warmth.

Xia Xing Ge had never said such warm words to him before, she had never even learned the word ‘respect’ before.

Now that his blood related daughter who he had never looked for had come back to him, not only did she not blame him.

Rather she was this warming, this educated, and this polite!

“Good, good, good.”  Xia Bai nodded with a bit of excitement and said, “You really are my good daughter……”

After washing up, she experienced what was a rich person’s dressing room.

It really was dazzling, all major brands, all of the same kind.

In the Xia Family’s villa, a single dressing room was over a hundred square meters.  This was the same feeling as bringing all kinds of brand name stores home.

It was no wonder, this kind of life was ultimately the reason why Xia Xing Ge lost of everything.

After two hours, she and Xia Bai went to the hospital to see Mu Hua Nian.

Because of what happened last night, Mu Hua Nian’s VIP room’s guards had been increased.

Two platoons of officers stood outside, looking very impressive.

Luo Qing Chen followed behind Xia Bai as she walked into room 520.

Her heart still skipped a beat.

Pushing open the door, the first thing she saw was Mu Hua Nian’s father Mu Dong Zhi.  Compared to a few days ago, he was much more exhausted.

But his straight body still had the style of S City’s number one giant.

“Old Mu——”

“Old Xia——”

When the two saw each other, they called out to each other.  But if one looked carefully, they would have noticed.

Everything they wanted to say was in their eyes.

This was perhaps the deep bond they had as brothers after several decades.  This kind of emotion that came from the passing of time was something that couldn’t be described.

But when they looked at each other, they knew what the other side was thinking and what they wanted to say.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t say anything, she just moved past Mu Dong Zhi and came to the side of Mu Hua Nian’s bed.

He seemed no different from last night, just silently laying there, looking like he was sleeping……

Like if she softly called him, he would wake up……

“Mu Hua Nian……”  She knit her brows and softly bit her lip as she said, “The sun comes out after the rain, when will you wake up?  I miss you very much……”

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