Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 52)

The police chief angrily came out, looking angrier than normal.

He first looked at Lin Hao Ran with a dissatisfied look and said, “Who told you to bring young miss Luo down to the station!”


After that, he quickly changed his expression, looking like a kind old man.

He bowed to Luo Qing Chen and said, “Hello young miss Luo.  Your father wants me to safely escort you back. For a place like this police station, other than me…..No, even me……If any officer wants to take you in, you can just ignore it!”

Father?  Luo Qing Chen lightly knit her brows.  It seemed like Xia Bai already knew about this matter.

She wondered how he would react to Xia Xing Ge, the ‘daughter’ he had raised for twenty years dying.

But based on the police chief’s attitude towards her, it seemed like Xia Bai still cared about her.

“Officer Lin.”  She gave a soft laugh and looked at Lin Hao Ran as she said, “The future is unknown.”

After that, she decisively turned around and didn’t look back.

She left a stunned Lin Hao Ran……

This was his second time seeing the police chief since coming to this station.

And he was even cursed at……

It was all his fault, he must have been reading too many modern cultivation novels.

As soon as he encountered something strange, his mind would think of abilities like “teleportation’ and ‘passing through time’.

“Pa, pa——”  He slapped himself twice before muttering, “In a lawful society, I have to care less about modern cultivation!”

At the entrance to the police station, there was a long black Lincoln waiting for her.

When they saw her come over, two bodyguards in black quickly came over and bowed to her as they said, “Young miss, the old master had me come pick you up.”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a slight nod and entered the car.

They went very fast, going through different streets and entering the bustling city.

Finally they stopped in front of a detached villa.

“The old master wanted the young miss to have a new environment, so it took three days to move.  We’ve made the young miss wait.”

She gave a slight nod before walking in.

Xia Bai and Xie Wan Yue were already in the living room waiting for her.  They were in very formal dress, like they were welcoming an important person as they came to greet her.

In this situation, Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel like meeting her parents at all.

Rather it was a bit……


She gave a slight bow before sitting in front of them.

Xia Bai rubbed his hands on his knees for a while, like there was too much sweat in his hand and he wanted to wipe it off.

“Qing Chen, welcome home.”  Xie Wan Yue was much less nervous this time compared to Xia Bai.

She revealed a faint smile as she looked at this person that seemed to be carved from the same mold as a young her, causing her eyes to mist over.

“Un welcome home.”  Xia Bai also nodded before saying, “I’ve already investigated the matter with Xia Xing Ge and brother Li has been taken care of.  You can be assured…..in the future…..father will protect you.”

“Alright, thank you.”  She nodded as she replied in a soft voice.

Without knowing why, although Xia Bai was covering it up well, Luo Qing Chen could see a slight pain in his eyes.

The daughter he had raised for twenty years, although they weren’t together much and that daughter wasn’t that filial.

To suddenly lose her, his heart still felt a bit of pain.

This was human emotion and she didn’t mind it that much.

But she cared very much about Xia Bai’s next words.

Un, perhaps she didn’t just care, rather she had an impulse to jump out of the sofa!

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