Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 42)

The headlights covered her entire line of sight.  There was no one at the crosswalk other than them.

Wing blew past her and blew away the umbrella in her hand, as the rain instantly soaked her.

The car charging at her was very fast, so fast that she almost couldn’t see anything.

Her mind was completely empty……

She just heard a cold voice calling, “Qing Chen——”

Un, this seemed to be his first time calling her name and not miss Luo.

When he called her name, it sounded that warm and beautiful.

After that, she felt a strong force lifting her into the air.

“Peng——”  A loud noise filled her ears and a warm pair of powerful arms tightly held her.  They went around the car and finally slammed to the ground on the other side.

The entire process took less than three seconds.

She witnessed that when that youth was faced with a speeding car, he didn’t hesitate to hold her and block it for her.

When she recovered, in front of her was a handsome face with knit brows and an incomparably pale face.

His hands were lying flat on the ground like he didn’t have the strength to hold her anymore.

She felt every cell in her body tremble as the rain fell onto her back, head, and hands……

She raised her trembling hands as she put them on Mu Hua Nian’s neck.

After that, used all his strength to tightly hold her.  He looked at Luo Qing Chen lying over him and his lips curled with difficulty into a smile.

Actually she didn’t know how much he wanted to hug her like this.  Lying on a warm bed, putting him on her and hugging her with all his strength.

But……as his eyes blurred and his eyelids became heavier, he soon couldn’t hold her any longer.

Suddenly, he was unwilling.

Suddenly, he couldn’t let go.

Suddenly, he didn’t want to say goodbye, he didn’t want to give her to anyone in this life……


“Luo Qing Chen.”  He was panting as he softly said her name beside her ear, “There is something I never said……”

“Don’t speak, don’t speak, I beg you……”  Her voice was trembling with despair as the air filled with the scent of blood.

She didn’t want to hear it.  She was afraid that another word would twist her heart in pain.

She was afraid, very afraid.  She was afraid that if she heard the end, she wouldn’t be able to hear this cool as water voice again.

“Don’t be disappointed, I do get jealous.”  When Mu Hua Nian said the last two words, almost no sound could be heard.

Because he didn’t have any strength left……

Luo Qing Chen trembled, as memories crashed on her like waves.

“Are you jealous?”

“Will you be disappointed if I say no?”

It wasn’t some confession or some I don’t want to leave you, rather it was seven words between them that only they could understand.

He really didn’t want her to be disappointed.  These words had been in his heart for too long and finally in the last moment of his life, he could finally say them.

He was so unwilling, why couldn’t the person to stay by her side in this life be him!

Luo Mu, Luo Mu, he wasn’t willing to have this kind of ending with her.  He wanted to be with her for a long time, being very happy with her.

But it seemed like the heavens weren’t willing to give him this chance.

“Peng——”  Luo Qing Chen wanted to say something, but she felt someone hitting the back of her head.  Her vision blacked out and she lost all consciousness.

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