Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 43)

It was the same dream that kept appearing in her mind.

The long red robe, the jiggling beads, and the hall filled with bowing ghosts.

On the high stage, the young girl’s red lips were curled into an enchanting smile.  Flowers bloomed all around and flowers appeared wherever she went. Killing gods and buddhas as she met them.

The scene changed and it was that youth’s back.

Every word he said to her, that little pride that was different from the rest, and how he used all his strength to protect her.

And how he always liked to talk back…….

But why was it that the last seven words he said to her were so sincere!


At least give her a chance to say something back, alright?

That youth was as dazzling as the sun, catching everyone’s gaze wherever he went.

Was he…..still alive?

[Host, host.]  The system’s voice sounded in her ears.

But she couldn’t open her eyes…..

She felt that her body was very heavy, like it was about to sink down.

Where am I?  Am I dead? Where’s Mu Hua Nian?

[Not yet, but soon.  As for the male lead……]

System!  Speak!

[The host can see for yourself.]

The system’s voice fell and a white scene appeared in front of her eyes.

This was a hospital.

She was in a corner, watching the things happening in this world.

In the VIP emergency room, almost all the doctors and nurses of the hospital were in chaos.

President Mu Dong Zhi of the S City’s giant Mu Group was anxiously waiting outside the surgery room.  The man who had been calm and gathered now had completely red eyes.

Beside him was his wife whose eyes were already swollen from crying, who was also Mu Hua Nian’s mother.

She looked very young and looked distinguished no matter what she wore.

But in this moment, she ignored everything as she fell to the ground, praying to the heavens……

Speaking of this, she had been with Mu Hua Nian for this long and she had almost forgotten his other identity……

S City’s ‘young master’ had become her couple.  For her, he charged into danger again and again.

But this youth didn’t seem to care at all.  He didn’t care about her identity, didn’t care if she was a good match for him at all.

He didn’t even care that she was just a little star, he used his life to protect her……

In a person’s life, would they really be able to meet this kind of person?  One who normally argued with you, but when true danger came, he didn’t hesitate to stand out at all and protect you.

Not letting you be hurt even in the slightest bit.

She thought that Mu Hua Nian was probably this kind of person!

Luo Qing Chen did her best to calm her heart and took a deep breath before continuing forward.  She was just a spirit and could pass through everything, while nothing could see her.

She knew that this was the system’s work.

But when she arrived in the emergency room, her heart was filled with pain.

This man with a face like a sculpture.

This man with deep eyes.

This proud and gentle man.

At this moment, his eyes were tightly shut and his face was as pale as paper.  There were all kinds of machines attached to him as he silently laid there.

It was like he was a cursed prince, waiting for her the princess to kiss him awake.

The surrounding doctors kept trying to save him, filling him with epinephrine.  But the youth kept lying on the bed, not reacting at all.

Even the life monitor kept getting faster, as his cranial and blood pressure kept decreasing.


The monitor made a clear sound——


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