Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 32)

Rather Gu Liu Sha was dressed in a white dress shirt, a dark red bowtie, and gray trousers.  He had a smile on his face, looking like a blooming flower.  

His mood was quite good today.  It was a good thing that the heavens were helping him and he could meet the girl he couldn’t forget again.

At the same set, he was auditioning for the male lead and she was auditioning for the female lead.

If they both passed, this campus drama might be the chance for him to bring her back to his side.

On the way to the set, he still hadn’t come to terms with what he had done yesterday.

But when he saw her, he was very certain that his actions yesterday were completely correct.

Last night, he opened a bottle of 82 red wine and after drinking half of it, he called Xia Xing Ge.

He told her——

He wanted to break up!

Xia Xing Ge cursed into the phone and said every bad thing she could say.  He didn’t listen to the things before that, he only listened to the final thing she said.

“Gu Liu Sha, let me tell you.  If I have a way to make you popular, I can also crush you.  You just wait.”

“Alright, I’m waiting.”

After saying this, he hung up the call and blocked all of Xia Xing Ge’s contact information.

Without knowing why, his heart was filled with comfort.

When he saw Luo Qing Chen this morning, his mood was even better!

“Number seven, Luo Qing Chen auditioning for the female lead Xia Qian.”

“Coming, director.”  You Zi pulled Luo Qing Chen who was unwilling and muttered, “Act properly.”

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows and unwillingly walked onto the stage.

She had received a script from You Zi on the way.  This time they were testing two scenes.

One of them was the dying scene of the male and female lead, which was the one she was acting out.

The male lead died because he was cut down saving the female lead from bad guys, so there was a moment between the lovers before his death.

The script went like this——

Male: I won’t be by your side from now on.  You must…..You must take care of yourself.

Female: No…..Don’t go.  What should I do if you leave……

Male: You will meet a better person.  When you meet them, don’t forget me!

Female: No, Ye Xiao, I can’t live in a world without you.

After that, the female lead broke down in tears while holding the male lead and roared into the sky, “God, I hate you!”


“Alright, get ready——”

“Wait a minute, director.”  Luo Qing Chen raised a hand and said with an awkward look, “Director, when I fell out of the villa filming the variety show two days ago, I sprained my right hand, so I can’t hold the auditioning male lead.”

When she used the words ‘auditioning male lead’, she clearly defined her relationship with Gu Liu Sha.

Want this treasure to hug him, in his dreams!

Director Hua who was a well known director naturally knew about the fire at the villa two days ago.  She nodded and said, “Then let’s have Gu Liu Sha lie on the floor and we’ll prepare a pillow for him.”

“Alright!”  The assistant on the side agreed.

Gu Liu Sha slightly knit his brows.  There was an unpleasant feeling in his heart as he unwillingly lied down on the pillow.

Luo Qing Chen loved to be in his embrace and listen to his sweet words before.

But now she wasn’t even willing to act in an audition!

It’s all Mu Hua Nian’s fault.  If he didn’t appear, there would only be Gu Liu Sha in Luo Qing Chen’s eyes!

Thinking of this, his fists unknowingly clenched.

When everything was prepared, director Hua called into her loudspeaker, “3-2-1, action!”

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