Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 31)

When Luo Qing Chen left the room, she turned back and could still see Xie Wan Yue crying.

She didn’t go forward to hug her like in the movies, she just silently stood not far away, looking at her with the care for one’s mother.

So a display of affection was not hugging each other, just looking at each other.

That night, a package came to the place she rented and the sender was Xia Bai.

She couldn’t help laughing in her heart.  He really was someone with power, it was too easy for him to find someone in this city.

There were two things in the box: A letter and a black bank card.

When she saw the letter, she was stunned.  He really was an old person, he liked using a pen to write letters.

But it was right, how could the cold text of a cell phone express the same amount of emotion as strokes written.

The contents of the letter were simple.

Qing Chen, I am your father who has never taken responsibility.  Even with my information network that spreads over the country, we actually let you leave us.  I will take care of everything within three days and bring you home. Use the bank card to transition over the next three days, don’t force yourself to do anything.  Your mother and I will pick you up soon. ——Xia Bai.

Finally something happened that made her feel everything was progressing smoothly.

Taking the black card she had never seen before, she shined it under the light as her lips curled into a faint smile.

Early next morning, she wanted to go to the hospital, but she received a call from You Zi that was related to work.

She hesitated a bit before sending a message to Mu Hua Nian on QQ.

When QQ opened and she saw A Big Tree, she was stunned!

A Small Flower: Big sister You Zi wants me to go to the set of the TV series «Half Smiling Summer», she said that there was a role for me.  Film emperor Mu, I have to go film now, rest up properly. When I’m done, I’ll bring you lunch. O(∩_∩)O

Ding dong——

When she wanted to put her phone back into her pocket, the other side responded making her take it out again!

A Big Tree: Humph!  Remember to bring an umbrella, there are thunderstorms today.  If you make the sofa in the room wet, you’ll have to pay before you become a film empress. (╰_╯)#

Aiyaya!  Truly proud.  His words don’t represent his mood, when would he fix this flaw!

A Small Flower: Understood!  What do you want to eat for lunch? ↖(^ω^)↗

A Big Tree: We’ll talk after you come.

Your friend A Big Tree has logged off.

Pu, alright!  You’re powerful!

Luo Qing Chen put the umbrella beside her into her bag as a sweet smile appeared on her lips.

This feeling, it really wasn’t bad.

But half an hour later, it wasn’t that good anymore……

Because at the set of «Half Smiling Summer», she saw the person she least wanted to see.

Gu Liu Sha.

He, he!  His luck really wasn’t bad.  He had left right before the villa was set on fire and he had safely avoided this crisis.

He really had good luck!

You Zi saw that her expression wasn’t good and quickly pulled her to the side to say, “You should know about «Half Smiling Summer», right?  It’s a television series adapted from a webnovel with a high IP traffic, today you’ll be auditioning for the female role. Whether you can keep this up and instantly become famous will depend on this chance.”

“So, Gu Liu Sha is here to audition for the male lead?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes turned cold. Looking at the figure among the staff, her heart filled with dissatisfaction.

She really wasn’t willing to see this person.  Can’t we just be far away from each other and take care of ourselves?

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