Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 14)

Mu Hua Nian’s eyes lit up and he stood beside her with a look of praise before saying to the instructor, “How many meters is the surfing record?”

After that, the air froze once again.

What translator!  Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian didn’t even need it at all, alright?  Being this fluent in English, wasn’t this too handsome?

The instructor was a bit stunned, but then returned to his professional manner, “Ten meters.”


Xia Xing Ge was ruthlessly glaring at Luo Qing Chen from the side, her eyeballs had almost popped out.

But the camera was right beside her, so no matter how angry she was, she had to keep smiling!

The director on the side who came back to his senses immediately said to the cameraman beside him, “Did you film them speaking English just now?”

“I did, but I didn’t get a close up shot.”

“It’s fine, it’s good as long as you filmed it.”  The director nodded in satisfaction.

After all, this kind of scene could spread a positive image and would help increase ratings.

Back to Gu Liu Sha, his eyes had been on Luo Qing Chen the entire time.  Without knowing why, there was a faint sense of lost in his heart.

The four years of university flashed in his eyes, there was only him in her eyes back then.

But after being apart for less than two years, her attention had fallen onto someone else.

After a while, it no longer fell onto him.

“Liu Sha, I’m a bit dizzy, help me to the side!”  Xia Xing Ge saw that Gu Liu Sha was focused on Luo Qing Chen and her heart filled with rage, which was about to explode.

Gu Liu Sha was a bit surprised, but seeing her lips pursed to the point of tilting into the sky, he helplessly nodded.

However, Luo Qing Chen completely ignored them.  She seriously listening to the instructor while talking to the system.

System, I need surfing skills, can I exchange for them?



[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for surfing skills.]


Seeing how they communicated with the instructor, the director spoke up.

“We’ll do a rehearsal first.  Since surfing is a rather dangerous project, there are no fixed scripts.  But the camera should focus mainly on the Qing Liu couple and the instructor should make sure that everything is safe.”

“Alright, prepare the lights, action!”

Luo Qing Chen could clearly feel that when the director wanted to start, Xia Xing Ge’s complaining expression became a smile like a blooming flower.

“Do girls faces all change that fast?”  Mu Hua Nian next to her saw this and revealed a smile of disdain.

“Mister Mu, can you not compare her to me?”

“Oh?  Because she stole your boyfriend?”

Damn!  When did Mu Hua Nian secretly investigate her!

“No——”  She firmly shook her head and said, “Could it be that you want to be compared to Gu Liu Sha?”

He revealed a faint smile as he said with a soft snort, “He’s not worthy.”

Pu, manners like a young master, one had to submit!

Due to time and the camera, the first to take the surfing lesson was the Qing Liu couple.

Time passed by, one hour……two hours…..three hours.

Since Xia Xing Ge couldn’t surf and couldn’t even stand up on the board, it was unknown how many outtakes she had!

Even the director who normally liked her felt a bit impatient!

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian were sunbathing in beach chairs, sipping coconut juice as they relaxed.

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