Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 13)

“Ke, ke——”  The assistant saw that they were finished and couldn’t say anything else, so he could only silently swallow the words he had stuck in his throat!

It really was uncomfortable!

After arriving at the Bali Island Beach, Gu Liu Sha and Xia Xing Ge had already changed into their swimsuits.  There was an instructor talking to them in english and there was someone on the side specially translating for them.

The instant Luo Qing Chen came out of the car, Xia Xing Ge’s eyes fell onto her.  She gave a soft snort as her eyes filled with disdain.

She looked at her without any fear and couldn’t help thinking: This killer is actually this wild!

It had to be said, Xia Xing Ge’s body was considered not bad.  Only her skin was a bit dark, her legs were a bit thick, and her face was a bit fat……

But her figure was still a good point.

She was too lazy to care about her and went to the locker room to change into her special surfing swimsuit!

When she appeared in front of everyone, everyone was stunned.  She was wearing a grass green swimsuit that was very tight, showing off her exquisite figure, matching it with a lace skirt with white and green stripes.  The elegant design revealed her slender collarbone, revealing a mesmerizing scene.

In that moment, even Mu Hua Nian who had seen countless beauties couldn’t stop his eyes from falling onto her.

His eyes were sparkling as he walked over to her.  Only when he was in front of her did he finally stopped.

There was less than a meter between them.  She looked at Mu Hua Nian who was like a dragon in the sea and her heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

His skin that was taken care of daily wasn’t worse than hers and the eight abs looked like they were carved from jade.  His appearance made him look sloppy and relaxed, but the glow in his eyes was something people didn’t dare look down on.

Luo Qing Chen unknowingly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  She looked up at him and her breath stopped, as her face turned red.

“Is young miss Luo planning to take back her words from before?”  He looked at her with sparkling eyes and a smile on his face.


“Anyway, I will take it back.”  Luo Qing Chen wanted to say something, but he cut her off.

There was a gentle smile on his face as he looked over her and said, “Not bad.”

“You too.”  She looked up at his gaze of admiration.

“Quickly, quickly.”  The director looked over at the cameraman beside him, wanting him to capture the interaction between Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian in this moment.

On the shores of Bali Island, the sun shined down and the white sand was like snow.  These two who had heaven defying appearances were standing right in front of each other, looking at each other with curious gazes, making other look right at them.

Xia Xing Ge angrily stomped her foot and said to the translator beside her, “Don’t you have other things to do?  Why aren’t you going yet!”

Anyway, she already knew what she had to care about, so the translator’s use stopped here!

“This, don’t you have another team that needs explaining?”  The translator doubtfully said.

“You don’t want to be paid?”  Xia Xing Ge’s eyes turned cold as she said, “Scram——”

“Yes…..Yes young miss Xia.”

Humph, Luo Qing Chen was only a small piece of trash and if she thought that she could enter the camera just by hooking another small piece of trash with a decent appearance, she was just dreaming!

Without the translator, what could she do?

Naturally Luo Qing Chen saw everything Xia Xing Ge did.

System, exchange for English skills.

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for English skills.]

She curled her long hair and walked in front of the instructor, as she said in fluent english, “Can you tell me what I need to pay attention to?”

She caught the attention of everyone on this Bali Island ocean.

That included Gu Liu Sha who was standing not far away from her!

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