Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (End)

That day, she was lying on the bed, slowly opening her tired eyes.

Perhaps it was the original host’s body that was very tired.  After marrying him for eighteen years, she slept more and more.

Actually she knew the day to return was coming soon.

That day, he slowly entered the room with a look of despair in his eyes.

But when he saw that her eyes were open, they instantly filled with joy.

“Qing Qing——”  He quickly ran over and took her in his embrace.  He was trembling a bit as he said in a choked voice, “I thought that you wouldn’t wake up.”

The Evil Monarch’s Court collapsed this morning, so he knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep her life anymore……

He used all his power and even his life to exchange for a single year of health for her.

But why couldn’t he keep her!

“Master, you really are a fool!”  Luo Qing Chen drilled her head into his embrace and said, “I still haven’t said goodbye to you yet, how could I not wake up!”

What should she say to make this fool not feel hurt and live on properly!

It really was cruel……

“Then don’t say goodbye to me alright, I don’t want to say goodbye…..”  His gentle voice choked up a bit and it kept trembling.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and her nose became stuffy as her eyes turned a bit red.  She bit her lip and said, “Leaving is for a better reunion!”

“I don’t want it……”  He tightly held her and a crystal like tear fell into her palm, breaking apart.

Luo Qing Chen gently lifted her hand to stroke his face.  She narrowed her eyes and said with fond memories, “Actually I’m an immortal from heaven, come down to earth to see you…..”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it…..”  There was her gentle voice in his ears.  It was that beautiful and so mesmerizing.

But he didn’t want to hear a single word in this moment.

“After coming to this world for so long, my parents miss me, so I should go back.”  Her face became very gentle and a pair of clear eyes filled with affection looked into his eyes.

She was just making up a reason, one that would let him live well in this world without her.

For the first half of his life, it had been too tiring for her.  It was a good thing in the years that followed, she was by him, filling his life with light and dreams.

But now, she was going to leave.

Leaving him alone……

“Really?”  After a while, his gentle as water voice came out.  It sounded like he believed her excuse, believing her reason for coming down to earth.

“Really!”  Luo Qing Chen said with an enchanting smile, “As the Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head, how could you not believe in something like the heavens!”

“I believe, I believe!”  He desperately nodded as he used all his strength to tightly hold her.

“Un——”  After a while, her soft voice responded.

She felt her eyelids becoming heavier and after that everything went black.

She just knew that in the final moment, she heart Chu Nan Xian call out in a heart rending voice, “When I die, I will come to the heavens to find you.  I’ll knock on every cloud and door asking if they are Luo Qing Chen……You promised me that we would reunite…..You can’t lie to me…..”

After she died, he put her in the royal tombs.  On the seventh day of her death, he headed into the royal tombs alone.  He activated the forever lock that he had personally designed, one that would never let one out.

Even he wouldn’t be able to come out again.

Being buried together in the end, even though this life was so short.

Until the day they met again, this jade like youth.

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