Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 37)

After Shu Gu told her the method for the blood sacrifice, he left the Spirit Chamber first.

Using blood as sacrifice, using soul to call spirit.  This kind of powerful sacrifice, there couldn’t be anyone in the room.

Only her and him.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and walked to the sacrifice altar step by step.  The Falling Cherry Bell at her waist rang, but she was walking slowly, so the sounds weren’t that loud.

That person was using another method to tell her not to get closer, not to get closer.

How could she not move forward……

Standing on the high sacrificial platform, whether it was the feeling from seeing each other again or the warmth of bidding goodbye, her long lashes began to tremble slightly.

Luo Qing Chen cut her finger and let the blood fall drop by drop on the sacrificial platform, as she read the ancient and mysterious language.

On the evil monarch, courts facing each other.  Sun and moon connecting, an endless cycle. Nine deaths and one life, using blood as sacrifice.

Golden light instantly filled the Spirit Chamber, tearing layer by layer like fragments.

“Hong long——”  After a giant sound, she couldn’t hear anything else.

Her body floated like cotton and she felt no pain, just feeling the blood in her body flow out drop by drop.

She suddenly felt very tired, like she wanted to close her eyes and sleep.

She was still the darling of King Chu Manor’s young master Nan in her dream and that despicable Chu Bei Ye still slapped the seventh princess consort Qian Chu Yue.

Whoever forgot the promise from before would be the one to respond and have their life taken.

[Host, wake up, wake up!]

Who is it, who is calling this treasure, so tired……Can I sleep a bit longer…..



[It’s the system……]

System?  I……I’m back in the Chaos Space?

[No.  This system used 1000 exchange points to exchange a blood rejuvenating Large Yellow Pill for the host!]

What!  1000? System, why did you secretly take my exchange points!

[Otherwise the host would have returned to the Chaos Space to wait to turn to dust.  The system was saving the host from dire straits!]

Aiya, I really need to thank you!

[That’s right, in order to protect the male lead’s vessel, this system used 500 exchange points to exchange for teleportation for the host!]

What!  System, you really are!

[Otherwise when Jun Yao Chen found the host gone, that freak would have immediately gone to find the corpse of the male lead!  The system was helping you!]

“Help your grandfather!”  Her eyes suddenly opened and she was in the side hall of the Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace.

This was where she had left last night and now it was early in the morning.

She blinked as the scene in front of her gradually cleared up.

Her head was still dizzy and her heart was filled with rage, as she felt that her thousand exchange points had been stolen.

When she opened her eyes, the white clothed girl not far away came over.  Her face was a bit dissatisfied, but she didn’t do anything to her.

Therefore when she opened her mouth to speak, one could feel a sinister tone to it!

“The crown prince has said that after young miss Luo woke up, you can prepare for entering the Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace tomorrow.”  The white clothed girl spoke very slowly, not forgetting to add, “But, young miss Luo really can sleep. If you are like this in the future, it may displease the crown prince!”

“What do you care!”  She gave a cold snort, shouting back without even thinking.

This treasure used two thousand exchange points to come out of hell, would I still listen to some trash like you?


“I urge you to shut your mouth.  Otherwise the day I marry into the Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace, I will definitely let you understand that death is better than living…..”  Her eyes narrowed and it was like she had turned to ice. Every word was heavy and she was incomparably cold.

The white clothed girl seemed to feel this chill and kneeled down as she said, “This servant knows her mistakes……”

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