Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 38)

No matter how dumb the white clothed girl is, she should know how the current affairs were.

Even if her words weren’t true now, the aura she had was still enough to scare people off.

Tomorrow was the day she was going to marry Jun Yao Chen.

She asked the system countless times whether her blood sacrifice ceremony worked or not, but the system didn’t give her a certain answer.

Because there was no answer……

That day, the Evil Monarch’s court was filled with light, with the sky looking like it was daytime.  Thunder roared and the wind blew.

Everyone said that god had appeared and bowed in worship.  Even the emperor was awakened from his dream and immediately came out of the gates of the palace, bowing all night.

 No one knew what happened in the Evil Monarch’s Court since they had never seen this scene before.

They didn’t know if it was auspicious or ominous……

Ye Yu Xi stood by the window all night, not blinking once.

Jun Yao Chen didn’t come find her since he was certain he had her, so it didn’t matter if he saw her or not.

Tomorrow, she would become his crown princess, being by his side day and night.  

The next morning, she met a face she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Nian Nian.

The moment she saw her, she immediately bowed down.  It was like seeing her long lost relatives as she broke out in tears.

And in that moment, her eyes also turned red.

Nian Nian wasn’t lightly injured, but the wounds on her body had already been wrapped up.  Luo Qing Chen asked her what happened and realized that the white clothed girl she had reprimanded last night had gone to the prince to complain.

It really was typical of someone who loved stabbing others behind the back.

Nian Nian was taken out of the dungeon in advance and the white clothed girl received gentle words from Jun Yao Chen.

Jun Yao Chen’s lips curled into a smile as he responded.

Since the servant annoyed his future princess consort, he would just change it.

He didn’t plan on killing Nian Nian anyway.

“Princess consort Qing…..Luo……Ai……”  Nian Nian looked at her and kept hesitating, before she couldn’t say anything else.

Right now she already didn’t know what to call her.

She hoped that she was still her young master’s princess consort Qing, always being her young master’s princess consort Qing.  As long as she could protect them and seeing them blessed for life, she would be happy.

But the young master was already no longer here.  Princess consort Qing had become the crown princess, so what should she do……

“You can just call me the same thing as before, it isn’t anything important.”  She revealed a faint smile. She sat in front of the bronze mirror and there was a lost look in her eyes.

“Princess consort Qing, are you really going to marry the crown prince?”  Nian Nian looked at the phoenix coronet in front of the bed and asked while biting her lip.

“Do I have a choice?”  She revealed a helpless smile as she said while shaking her head, “I don’t even have a right to die, not to mention being a crown princess.”

She looked off into the distance as an image flashed in her mind.

A handsome and heroic man in white clothes, stepping over the clouds.  He passed through dangers to appear in front of her, gently grabbing her hand and bringing her away.

“Nian Nian will stay with princess consort Qing…..Just like young master, always being with you……”  Nian Nian saw her determined eyes and her tears fell down.

Perhaps only she understood Luo Qing Chen’s heart the most because she had seen all the sweet times they had, experiencing all the happiness she felt for them.

But those days, weren’t they a bit too short?

Luo Qing Chen heard this and her brows knit as her eyes turned red in that moment.  So someone who understood you and said what you thought would actually create ripples in a dead heart.

In that moment, she felt fragile.

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